“What the fuck!” she thought as she looked down at her tits and abs in astonishment.

Sure, she’d never been flat chested or fat, but this was something else entirely!

She didn’t have the kind of time it would have taken to have this kind of body, she was too busy at work and… and…

She tried to think of work and the other things she was busy with but nothing came to mind, in fact she couldn’t even think of what kind of work she did.

She pushed off the counter and turned to walk out of the kitchen to her.. study? Living room? There must be something of her work somewhere in the house right?

But as she did so she saw Dave standing in the kitchen doorway. Instantly she exploded in anger, “You bastard… what have you done to me?” she screamed at him.

His response was unexpected, he simply laughed out loud and slapped his knee.

She started to lunge towards him, but her own feet seemed to trip her up and instead she ended up falling right into his arms. The moment his hands came in contact with her bare skin, she gasped loudly as pleasure rampaged over her.

“God I love these random little surprises! I’m so glad I splurged on the VIP package with you.”

She looked up at his eyes, a mix of anger and pleasure in her eyes, “Oh god… what… what do you mean VIP…” she managed to get out as he lifted her up on to her feet.

“Oh the VIP package has a lot of extras over the regular package. This little interlude of a semblance of your old self is one of them. I mean, it’s not really the old you… that bitch is gone forever. But this.. simulacrum, of it, is a lot of fun.”

His hands moved to her hips and then twirled her around, gently guiding her back into the main kitchen area and over to the island. His one hand ran up her back and the feeling almost made her orgasm, the other slipped around in front of her and came to rest just above her pussy. Then he pushed her forward and her hands reached out in front of her and came to rest on the island counter.

His hands returned to her hips as one of his feet kicked her own feet out to the sides just as he pulled her panties down.

She tossed her head over her shoulder, sending her long hair to one side just in time to see him undo his pants and let them fall to the floor, “Don’t… don’t…” she managed to get out between her heavy panting.

Then she felt the tip of his dick press up against her outer pussy lips and she gasped and moaned as even more pleasure coursed through her. Unable to resist, she pushed back hard, impaling herself on him. Moments later she was rocking back and fourth, her voice echoing throughout the house as she eagerly fucked him.

Dave looked down at the sight of his ex-boss laid out on the kitchen island, her drool forming a pool on it, and her pussy juices running down her thigh, and smiled.

Sure, helping their competitor take over the company had been unethical, but it didn’t hold a candle to what he was doing now. When they’d shown him what was possible, well, ethics had gone out the window, not that he’d had that many to start with anyway.