“Hello Sir, I just need to confirm a few things for your wife’s procedures…” Lilly said as she held the clipboard in her hand. Her gaze instinctively drifted down to his crotch, her pussy quivering with the thought of what was under the fabric of his pants.

If she was lucky, after she had assisted the Doctor with the surgeries, maybe the client would bend her over and fuck her. It was an common occurrence, the men having been turned on watching their wives, girlfriends, mistresses, or rivals turned into dumb fuck bunnies.

The Doctor was a master at both the physical transformations as well as the mental. He could mold a woman into whatever the client desired.

She double checked her clip board, this one seemed pretty standard, increased libido, reduced intelligence, total submission. The physical changes were just about what you would expected as well, boob job, nose job, and a few touch ups here and there.

She read each one out to the man and he nodded or confirmed it in one way or the other.

“Thank you Sir. Now if you would please proceed to the observation room.”

He turned to walk towards the exit and then paused for a women and looked back at her, “Hey… are you going to join me in the observation room?” he asked.

She smiled, “I’m sorry Sir, the Doctor requires my skills during the procedures, but I would be more than happy to join you afterwards while your wife is in recovery.”

He nodded and then walked away as Lilly confirmed her checklist and then prepared the rest of the theater. She’d only been with the Doctor for a few months, a recent addition to his staff to replace his previous pre-op nurse who had “retired”.

God she couldn’t wait to retire… not because he didn’t love every minute working for the Doctor, no, that was programmed so deeply in to her mind that such a thing would never cross it. No, she couldn’t wait to retire because one of the first surgeries she’d helped the Doctor with was of the previous nurse, converting her into a blow up sex doll parody who was now working full time as an online sex worker. The Doctor, of course, taking all the profits.

That thought made Lilly so horny it was hard not to drop her clipboard, jump up on to the operating table, strip naked, masturbate until the Doctor returned, and then beg him to do it to her right now.

Instead, she walked out to the pre-op room, double checked the patient was well sedated, and pushed her gurney into the operating room.

Her transformation into a blow up sex doll would have to wait… the Doctor still needed her, and the clients still needed to be serviced.

But the thought remained, in the back of her her, comforting her as she worked. One day she’d retire and then she’d be truely happy.