My wife, Donna, had been the love of my life, my everything. Her sisters, those damnable harpies, on the other hand were the bane of my existence.

So much so that after years of chirping in Donna’s ear about how she could do better, that I was obviously cheating on her, that my career should come a distant second to her own, that she’d hired a lawyer and was about ready to divorce me.

Fortunately for me, there was still some ember of feelings for me left in her that her sisters hadn’t picked away at, and she agreed to counseling before filing the divorce papers.

Her sister had insisted on coming along as well, and I’d given the appropriate amount of push back before finally agreeing.

Of course Dr. Ford only need me to attend for the first session, and then he focused on the three of them.

Now Donna is better than ever, my charming, loving, doting wife like she never was before.

As for the harpies, well, they’ve become sweet love birds, only singing praise and adoration for their sisters relationship with me. They often drop by the house now, sometimes for a movie night, sometimes to help their sister prepare for my arrival home, and sometimes, like tonight, for both.

I smiled at the three of them sitting at the back of the theater room, “Hello ladies.”

“Good evening darling.” my wife responded as her sisters swooned behind her.

“Good evening Sir.” her sisters said moments after Donna had greeted me.

Donna stood up and swayed her hips as she walked over to me, then gave me a deeply passionate kiss, “Darling, I’m so glad you are finally home. I’ve picked out one of your favorite Bruce Lee movies to watch tonight.”

“That’s wonderful Dear.” I replied as her sisters stood up and shuffled to the side, heading for the exit.

“We should be going…” Linda the eldest said.

“Thank you for your hospitality today Sir.” Lauren, the youngest said.

“Well drop by tomorrow if that is ok Donna?” Linda finished.

Donna looked at me, I gave a nod, and she smiled and nodded back to them.

As the left I could hear the whispering between themselves, “God Donna is so lucky…”, “Do you think he’ll let her blow him tonight?”, “I hope so, I can’t wait to hear all the juicy details…”, “Me too… I’m going to masturbate so hard tonight just thinking about it…”

Then I could hear the two of the giggle as they headed upstairs to leave.

Donna took my arm and lead me over my cinema chair and let me sit down. My favorite drink and snacks were already laid out for me as she turned around once so I could get a good look at her dress, then she sunk down between my legs and snuggled against them.

She laid her head to the side as I picked up the remote control and pressed play, softly stroking her hair as the movie started.

Linda and Lauren were right of course, Donna would be sucking my dick tonight, and so much more. What they didn’t know was that in just a few short weeks, they’d be doing far more than masturbating to the idea, they’d joining her.

Dr. Ford had assured me that by the end of the month the two sisters would be more than eager to join my wife and I in bed, both solely focused on our pleasure and not their own, and be grateful for the opportunity to do so.