Samantha touched her face as she stared at her reflection in the full length mirror of the decrepit basement. Of all the things wrong with her reflection, it was the unnaturally bright blue eyes that concerned her the most.

“Activation code alpha. Report status.” she heard a voice to her left say and she suddenly turned towards it.

As she did her greatest fear was confirmed as a man dressed in a white lab coat was standing beside a metal table on one side of him and a coffin shaped vat of liquid on the other.

“Unit is active and ready for commands.” her voice rang out as if to double confirm what she already knew.

She’d heard rumours of these kinds of setups, in abandoned homes on the outskirts of the city. They moved often and quickly to avoid detection and any law enforcement that might be interested in such places.

It was simply a matter of supply and demand really, with SimBot holding the patents to the processes and focusing on the high end of the market, it only made sense that these black market organizations would pop up. Not only to compete in the high end, but also the middel and low ends, as well as provide services that SimBot was legally barred from providing.

The problem was of course getting the raw material to create new SimBots with. The company had a supply of criminals from the government, but the black market groups… well, they were less concerned from where the raw material came from.

Samantha was trying to remember the last thing she could before she was staring at her new reflection, but she wasn’t having much luck. She could tell the process had already wiped out many of her memories, and she could feel it continuing even now.

By the time it was done, all that would be left would be the SimBot programming. Much like the vat of liquid had rewritten her DNA, she would be completely indistinguishable from any other SimBot.

The man undid several buttons of his lab coat and then removed it, tossing it on to the metal table beside him to reveal his naked body and already stiff dick.

“Activate face fuck mode.” he said and her eyes locked on to his dick.

“Activating face fuck mode.” her voice said as she took a step forward and she could feel the artificial lips that were part of her start to reshape. By the time she arrived in front of him and knelt down at his feet, her mouth was a perfect fit for his dick.

She grabbed hold of her hands behind her back and titled her head upwards slightly so it was in the perfect position for him. He took hold of his dick and put it up against her lips. Taking hold of her pigtails, he slammed her face down onto his shaft, a wave of pleasure coursing through Samantha’s body.

It wasn’t long before the first orgasm crashed over her, or the second, or the third, as he continued to slam hard into her mouth. She was in face fuck mode and all that matter was the cock that was deep in her throat.

Her bright blue eyes looked up at him, constantly open and wide, just as every SimBot’s were when they were in face fuck mode.

Finally, he released into her throat and Samantha sucked back every last drop of cum she could before her eyes finally closed and her body shook from the after effect of the last orgasm.

SimBot stood up in front of its owner and returned its mouth to the standard configuration, exiting face fuck mode.

“Report status.” he stated.

“Face fuck mode de-active. SimBot has returned to default mode. SimBot ready for commands.”

He smiled and reached over to his labcoat, putting it back on and then fishing his phone from his pocket. He dialed a number and waited for a moment for it to be answered.

“Hey, yeah, all complete. You can pick her up anytime.” he said and the person on the other end spoke for a moment.

“So soon? We’ve already done five at this location, are you sure we should push our luck? I’ve got the next place lined up al…” he stopped mid-sentence as the person on the other end interrupted him.

“Oh… rush job eh? Double the usual? Well I guess it will be alright. Ok, see you in 30.”

Somewhere deep inside of SimBot the last remnants of Samantha were still being erased, and they recognized that she was just one of many women that had been converted here.

SimBot though, only heard her owners voice and was happy it was in his presence.