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Blog Anniversary and Updates

I thought it would be a good idea to do an update since today is the 9th anniversary of my first post on Tumblr!

The next major milestone will come in July, which will be 15 years since my first story submission on mcstories.com.

Since I’m terrible at keeping track of these things myself, I’ve added a Milestones/Dates table at the end of the About page.

As of today there are 3,255 posts on my blog, with another 96 scheduled.

My writing has been entirly on my blog this year so far, but that should be changing shortly, but here are some items of note:

  • I have FWBP posts up until November scheduled so far, and Monday Sexbot posts until August.
  • Daily posts are complete up until early May, so I’m running about 7 weeks in advance.
  • Follower counts are progressing on the various sites, with DeviantArt being the fast growing group. Tumblr is growing slowly, but the initial spurt of followers has passed and so growth is slow there now:
2021 (July)233254286n/a
2021 (EOY)386 (+65%)274 (+8%)384 (+34%)n/a
2022 (March)451 (+17%)287 (+5%)462 (+20%)n/a
2022 (Sept)561 (+24%)300 (+5%)758 (+64%)n/a
2022 (EOY)632 (+12%)342 (+13%)1k+ (+31%)146 (+100%)
2023 (March)719 (+14%)350 (+2%)1.2k+ (+20%)211 (+45%)
Percentage are change since previous row.

As always, thanks for reading and your feedback.

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