Sally did her best to smile as her “uncle” Jason walked into the room, a look of disappointment on his face that she was fully expecting.

He’d been a close family friend of her parents, before they had passed away, and taken her in when she was young. But their relationship had never been what you would call close, but she respected him now, if not at first.

Especially as she’d grown up and realized just how wealthy he was. His wealth and influence had kept her out of jail several times as she’d rebelled again, well, just about everything in her early days living with him. Eventually he’d sent her away to a boarding school, which really hadn’t helped anything.

Now that she was no longer in school, he’d paid for an apartment in the city and she’d been spending the last year or so partying, living up to his very low expectations of her.

But today wasn’t just a cordial visit, no, she needed his help again. She had been arrested a few weeks ago for a drunk and disorderly charge and she needed his money and influence to make it go away.

Sally stomped out of her uncles house fuming! How dare he put conditions on helping her? Let alone another attempt to send her away to “take care of the problem”!

In the end, she’d agreed though, he had been more stubborn than usual on the subject, and she had little choice really. So, yes, she’d go to his stupid therapy, but that didn’t mean she’d change.

Sally sat in the waiting room of the high end salon for her appointment and played with her hair as she scrolled through her social media feed.

It was filled with vapid blonde influencers that she’d been trying to emulate for the last few months, ever since her therapist had helped her realized that was what she wanted to be.

Vapid, empty headed, and all about her looks.

It had been so obvious once he’d said it. So much so that she could hardly believe she’d never realized it herself before!

She’d started making changes right away after that, spending more time at the gym and the salon, researching makeup tutorials on the internet, following the latest fashion trends, everything.

She’d been a little hesitant to tell her uncle about her breakthrough, but she hadn’t needed to be, he’d fully supported her new direction. He’d even offered to pay for all of the plastic surgery she wanted to get!

“Sally?” the receptionists voice said and Sally looked up at her and smiled. Then she put her phone in her purse and stood up, wiggling her ass towards the back of the salon.

Dolly sat on her knees, her hands clasped behind her back as she stared vapidly, vacantly up at her uncle and her therapist.

“So what do you have to say for yourself?” her uncle asked as he looked down at her.

Instead of saying anything, she just parted her lips and extended her tongue out. In the middle of it was a piercing with a small arrow pointing into her mouth and a single word at the base of it “cock”.

Her uncle chuckled and turned to her therapist, “Damn, that’s some fine work you’ve done. I wish I’d sent her to you earlier.”

“Well, I did suggest it back when you first starting having issues with her… but I understand your hesitancy.”

Jason nodded, “Yeah, I really do feel bad for her in some ways, but she was just so out of control. I can’t thank you enough Norman.”

“My pleasure, she was easy to manipulate once I got her under. Once I established a baseline, she did most of the work herself. It was fun watching her empty her own head of all those silly thoughts, like independence and self-will. You won’t have ‘control’ problems with her any more, that’s for sure.”

Both men chuckled and then shook hands, “Well, I’ll leave you to it.” Norman said and then turned and left.

Dolly felt sad as he left, but that quickly passed as her uncle’s pants hit the floor and his hard shaft came into sight.

As soon as she felt it touch her tongue her who body shivered as she was finally being used for what she was meant for.