“Puh… please John, I can’t do any more…” Alexa said as she stood at the top of the stairs hanging on to the railing as I stepped out of the bedroom.

I raised an eyebrow and frowned, “We had a deal…” I said seriously.

“I… I know… but… I can’t… I mean… I spend so much time at the gym and already…”

I stepped up to her and slipped my hand under her ear and grabbed hold of the back of her head, tilting it back a little so I could kiss her easily. With my other hand I pushed on side of her bikini out of the way and mauled her tit. She whimpered quietly as I did so.

After a moment of groping her, I broke the kiss and took her by the waist and spun her around, she let a surprised gasp as I bent her forward and she grabbed the railing to steady herself. I squeezed her waist tightly between my hands, trying to touch my fingers together but couldn’t quite do so. Instead I pulled them back on to her ass and gave it a squeeze instead.

“Well, your ass is nice and firm…” I said, giving it a slap, “…and I do like the shape your waist makes flaring out to your hips… but I still can hardly see those tits from behind. We’re definitely going to have to pump them up some more.”

She whimpered again and I gave her ass another smack.

I smacked my lips a couple of times and then continued, “And those lips are ok, but you can still close them and they don’t interfere with your speech, so they need pumping up as well.”

“All… alright… but that’s it right?” she asked hesitantly.

I gave her ass several hards swats, “Was that the deal? To stop when you wanted to? Really? Do you want me to go back on my end of the deal?”

She squealed with each blow that I landed but eventually found her voice, “NO! No, I’m sorry! Please! You can do whatever you want with me! I’ll go to the gym more! I’ll get my waist so small you can wrap your hands around it easily! You can pump up my tits and lips as large as you want!”

I rubbed her ass for a moment before grabbing her hair and pulling her upright, “Good. Now get down to the pool and entertain our guests. I’ll be down shortly.”

“Yes, of course, right away!” she said as she fixed her bikini top and the wiggled her ass down the stairs.

I smiled and let out a small chuckle as soon as she was out of ear shot. There was no “deal” of course, that existed only in her head.

She honestly thought that I’d “saved” her sister from a lengthy prison term and gotten her into rehab. Of course Alexa didn’t have a sister, let alone a drug addicted one.

In fact, I’d implanted the entire scenario in her head when she was still my personal assistant at work. The software the company created was used for subliminal messages in advertising, but there were some side benefits to it as well.

All the executives had mistresses, or girlfriends, like Alexa. A few had even married them for some reason. I wasn’t going to go that far, Alexa was going to be a fine trophy girlfriend for a few years until I grew tired of her. I already had her replacement ready to go at work, Miranda had just started as my personal assistant two weeks ago after Alexa had resigned.

Miranda’s “deal” was going to be based upon her parents financial troubles, at least the financial troubles that we’d implant in her head, in reality they were both deceased anyway. They’re would be lots of time to build up to that though, and in the mean time she’d keep me entertained while I was at the office, just as Alexa had.