“Would you look at that… how did you know?” I said sarcastically to no one in particular as I walked into my front doorway to see my ex-wife sitting on the dinning room table.

She didn’t respond in the slightest which was completely expected. In fact by the blank expression on her face it looked like she was still deeply under.

I walked up to her and picked up the envelope sitting in front of her and ripped it open, inside was a short letter:

Dear Mr. Davis,

Please find the delivery of your new toy on your kitchen table.

As requested, all upgrades have been complete with one obvious exception.  Due to the limited material we had to work with, a second set of upgrades will be needed to complete your order.

A representative will be in touch with you in four to five months to schedule the final upgrades and complete your order.

Thank you, and we appreciate your business.

I smiled and put the letter in the envelope again, to be honest I was impressed with what they’d been able to do with her tits. They’d been barely an A cup before, and while I’d request them to “be bigger than her head”, I knew that was expecting a bit too much. At least for a single round of processing.

It was highly illegal of course, and only the richest people could afford it, but that wasn’t an issue for me. In fact, even the divorce wasn’t a big deal per se, if she’d just taken the pre-nup settlement and gone her own way, I’d probably never given her a second though. Even if she’d been the one to cheat on me.

No, it was the way she’d tried to get around the pre-nup, by framing me for infidelity, that really got under my skin.

In the end it hadn’t worked, my lawyers had torn apart her flimsy frame job and the judge had ruled against her. Even going so far as to restrict the pre-nup even more, having her walk away with almost nothing.

Which had turned out to be a good thing, as it had been an easy in to start the process. A promise of easy money and a few weeks in a tropical resort was all it took.

I slipped the letter into my inner suit jacket pocket and then reached out, pushing my finger between her lips. She instantly came to life and started to suck on it.

I pulled it back after a minute and she blinked several times, “What is your purpose?” I asked.

“My purpose is to serve you Master.” she replied.

I reached out and grabbed her right tit, squeezing it.

She titled her head back and pushed her chest forward, “Yes Master, squeeze that tit hard!”

She moaned and cooed as I did, until I finally let go and stepped back a bit from the table.

“Come on slut, time to put that new body of yours to use.”

She smiled, at least as best she could with her over inflated lips, “Yes Master, Slut loves to be used. Use Slut any way you wish Master.”

I gave a little chuckle and smiled, but simply walked towards the stairs and she followed. I hadn’t intended to rename her, but have her call herself Slut just seemed perfect.