YES! She’d finally gotten the remote pointed at the TV! She could turn it off, escape the endless loop of subliminal messages that had been inundating her mind for hours!

But then… her finger just wouldn’t hit the button… no matter how hard she tried it just refused to move.

It was pointless to turn it off now, it had already done it’s work… something in the back of her head screamed at her that it wasn’t too late, that all she had to do was press the button, but the onslaught from the TV told her otherwise and drowned it out.

No, she wanted to watch the TV, she liked to watch the TV. Watching the TV made her feel good, and horny. Soooo horny.

But that wasn’t a surprise really, after all, she was a horny little slut, so pretty much everything made her horny.

Her hand gently lowered down until the remote was on the couch once more and a smile crossed her lips… if she let go of the remote she could lean back and masturbate a while… no one was going to come in and disturb her after all.

And so what if they did? She loved masturbating in front of guys… and girls.. really she just loved masturbating in general. And who knew, maybe if someone did come in, they’d want to fuck her.

Because as much as she loved masturbating, she loved fucking even more. Guys with big hard dicks, girls with soft warm pussies…

She let out a moan as she leaned back and pushed her pants down, letting her fingers slide between her legs, but her eyes never leaving the TV. Soon she was in the throws of passion and was eager to see what the TV would show her next.