“G… g… get out of my head… I’m not a dumb dumb Barbie doll! Oooooooo…” Bambi said as she grasped her head at head at each side and tried to focus on keeping him out of her mind.

It wasn’t working and she knew it. Every once in a while, like now, she’d manage to break through whatever he’d done to her and she would have her old self back.

She heard him chuckle and her eyes managed to focus on him, “Well of course you are Bambi… I mean, it’s what I’ve made you after all.”

She gasped and then giggled as she felt his power tickle her mind and her eyes defocused again.

“Nuh uh! Like Bambi is smart business wo… wom… oh… like, bimbo! giggle

She could feel herself slipping away again, all those years fighting the glass ceiling, working her way up to CEO, fading into a pink fog of bliss and giggles.

She desperately tried to hang on to something, anything, just one thing… and there it was, Richard. He was the one that had done this, the one, even now, standing before her and massaging her brain. She held tight to his name, focusing all of her hate, and anger and emotion on to it, hoping beyond hope that she could hold on until he was finished once more.

Then, like an over inflated ballon, her mind popped and she smiled and giggled once more.

“Oh my gawd! Like, Richard, you totally did this to me! giggle” she said and jiggled her tits from side to side a little.

“Why yes I did.” he replied with a wolfish grin on his face.

She wiggled her way over to him and placed her hand on his chest, “Like, thanks! giggle” she said, “Let me totally show you how thankful I am…”

She knelt down onto her knees and her fingers quickly found his pants zipper and then his cock. In no time she was bobbing up and down his shaft, eagerly sucking his cock deep into her throat.

She was the best CEO ever! Not only did she reward all the smart guys in the office with blowjobs and titty fucks, she delegated everything else to Richard because he’d shown her just how much of a dumb dumb she really was.