Jack sat down across from Jenna with a smug look on his face, she didn’t like it one bit so she decided to stand up and “take the high ground” to put him in his place.

She cocked her hip to the side and then pulled her long dirty blonde hair over her shoulder so that both of her giant melons were in plain sight.

“Look Jack, I think we both know why I called you into my office this morning.” she said sternly.

Jack’s smile didn’t waver as he replied, “Well, we both think we know why you called me in, but only one of us is right.”

She frowned at him, which she imagined might kinda look like a pout with all the filler she’d stuffed in her lips over the last few weeks.

“You’re unethical research has crossed the line and finally given me enough justification to fire your ass Jack, and that’s exactly what’s going to happen!” she spat out as she walked from behind her desk and positioned herself in front of Jack, leaning back and sitting on the edge of her desk.

“Is that right?” he asked as he stood up and took a step towards her.

He was close enough she could smell him and she took in a deep breath and then gasped a little as her nipples hardened and her pussy quivered.

“Because what I thin is about to happen…” he started and then reached out and grabbed her tit, giving it a squeeze, “… is that your about to resign as CEO and beg me to give you a job as my secretary.”

She let out a moan and titled her head back a little as he continued to mall her tit, “Jack… that… that’s not… oh god… Jack!”

He reached out with his other hand and with both hooked his fingers between her tits and the sides of her dress, then pulled it down exposing both of her tits. He took hold of both of her erect nipples and gave them a twist, sending a shiver of pleasure through her entire body.

“Come on Jenna, just say you want to be my dumb blonde secretary that gives me a blowjob in the morning, gets bent over my desk at lunch, and takes my cock in her ass every night.

She couldn’t take it any more, her whole body quivering from his touch, “YES! Yes Jack! I want to be your dumb blonde secretary fuck toy! I’ll do anything for you Jack! ANYTHING!”

He twisted her nipples hard and she orgasmed right there in front of him. Her knees gave out and she sunk to the floor, which worked out well because she hadn’t given him his blowjob yet today and this would make it easier.