“Oooohhhh… what… what’s going on…?” Stacy said as she held her hand to her head and tried to fight through the fog that seemed to engulf her mind.

She blinked several times and shook her head and only afterwards noticed the small blinking indicator on her arm, “What… what’s this?” she said as she brought her other hand up to touch it, then to try and rub it off.

Only after she failed did she notice the two large globes attached to her chest, “WHAT THE FUCK!” she shout out and in a panic grabbed hold of them. She gasped at how sensitive they were and she felt her nipples harden instantly beneath the skimpy top that she was wearing.

“Oh, hey Stacy, is it that time again?” a voice behind her asked and she turned around to see Rick walking towards her.

“Rick… what’s going on… what are these? Why am I dressed like this? What is this?” she asked in rapid succession as she jiggle her breasts and then rub her arm again.

Rick walked up to her and slip his arm around her, and for some reason she didn’t fight it. Which seemed off as he was the manager of her apartment building and certainly not someone she would have let touch her in such an intimate way.

Instead of pushing him away though, she let him guide her over towards the building they were standing in front of, and then around the corner and beside a wall, well out of sight of the main area. As they walked Rick gave a chuckle at her questions before replying.

“Well those…” he said, pointing at her breasts, “Are your tits. Your dressed like that, because how else are you going to make money for me? And finally, that…” he said as he reached out and touched the flashing icon on her arm, “Is your ‘power meter’, which at the moment is almost to zero.”

She heard the words he said, but they only served to confuse her even more. She was about to say something when his finger slide from the ‘power meter’ over to what she only could assume was the ‘play’ icon and she took in a gasp and moaned as pleasure coursed through her arm, right up into her brain.

“Still lots left though to get you through the recharging process…” he replied as he reached into his pocket and pulled something out. He held it in front of her and she only just managed to get her eyes to focus in it through the haze of pleasure that clouded her mind.

It was maybe six inches long, maybe an inch and a half around, made of some clear material except for at the ends. On one end was a translucent membrane of some kind and the other was a single button, inside was a glowing pink solution. Before she could say anything else, he turned her around until she faced the wall, push her over at the waist so she had to reach out and place her hands on the wall to steady herself, and then kicked her feet apart.

She looked over her shoulder, still reeling from the surge of pleasure, just in time to see him grab her skirt and yank it up over her ass.

“What… what are you doing Rick!?!” she shouted out, but too late as the answer was already obvious.

She watched him pushed the tube up against her sphincter and then slip it inside, “Oh god, oh god, oh god!” she cried out.

It was an intense feeling of need that filled her unlike anything she could remember experiencing before. Every inch he pushed it deeper inside of her, the more she needed it to go farther. So much so that when she knew it was finally all the way in, her whole body shivered and a small orgasm crested.

“See, isn’t that better Stacy?”

She didn’t reply, instead trying desperately to stay upright, clinging to the wall as best as she could to help.

“Now then, for the real fun part…” Rick said and she felt a slight pressure as he pressed the button on the still exposed end of the tub.

She felt, more than heard, the pop that pushed the pink liquid deep into her bowels, it took only seconds for her mind to follow suit and all she could see was pink sparkles and rainbows as she fell to the ground and convulsed in orgasmic bliss.

Rick looked down at Stacy, only semi-concious as her tits inflated a little more, her lips puffed out nicely and the power meter filled and flashed a vibrant pink.

She’d be up and turning tricks out front in half a hour or so and with any luck he’d get three or four more doses out of her before the effects went too far and she could no longer even remember to get paid.

Fortunately he had several new tenants in the apartment building he managed that were prime candidates to replace her and he’d already gotten one started so he was good for the next few months at least.