“Hi Gary, how are you?” Charlotte asked as she touch her hair and smiled.

“Holy shit Charlotte!” Gary exclaimed as he stared at her breasts, which was exactly what she wanted of course.

She knew all about what Gary liked in a woman, she had been dating him until a few months ago after all. He’d spent a lot of time in bed paying attention to her b-cups, which she hadn’t minded at all, but she’d grown tired of it being the only thing he paid attention to for more than a few moments and dumped him.

She’d done some snooping around his computer and found his stash of porn, there wasn’t a woman in it that didn’t have a least double d’s and many had much larger breasts than that. She’d known that she’d never get a boob job, sure she loved it when men played with her breasts, but it wasn’t her focus like it was Gary’s.

He’d been heart broken when she’d left him, and confused, as she hadn’t had the heart to tell him the real reason she was leaving. Instead she’d used the good old, “It’s not you, it’s me.” line and never turned back.

At least not for the first few weeks. She’d gone out and dated a few guys in those weeks, even found a couple of promising ones, and not really though much about Gary. Until one day at work she’d been in the lineup to get a coffee in the food court and someone had bumped into her from behind.

She’d turned around to chew whoever it was out, but instead found herself listening to what he was saying and agreeing with everything.

The man had told her how she really shouldn’t have dumped Gary, how he was the best boyfriend she’d ever had. How she was deeply and desperately in love with Gary. How she wanted to be the perfect girlfriend for Gary. How she wanted nothing more than to make Gary happy.

And then the man simply left, leaving her standing there trying to understand what had just happened.

It took her the rest of that afternoon to do so, but by the time she arrived home, she knew what she had to do.

It was going to take more than just going and begging Gary to take her back, she was going to have to show him that she really *wanted* to be his girlfriend, in a way that she never had before. It hadn’t taken too long to find a plastic surgeon, though it had taken longer to recover from the implants.

Charlotte ran her hand down the side of her face, over the side of her breast, and then placed it on her hip.

“I know it’s been a while… and… and I’m really sorry about the way I ended things. I was thinking… if you want to… we could go back to your place for a bit… I’ve got these big new fake tits and honestly, no one ever sucked my tits as good as you did… I want you to be the only guy to suck and fuck these big new titties I have.” she got out in one long run-on sentence before she lost her nerve.

The look on Gary’s face told her everything she needed to know, especially since his eyes never left her breasts.

She took a step forward and gave them a wiggle from side to side, “Do you like them Gary? I’ve already got another surgery scheduled next year to get them even bigger.”

Gary’s eyes finally looked up to her face and his expression changed to one of pure lust. He grabbed her hand and nearly dragged her towards the parking lot where his car was. She couldn’t wait to get back to his place and have his face between her breasts.

* * *

Gary raised a skeptical eyebrow but otherwise didn’t let his emotions show, “Really?”

“Trust me bro, this place is amazing! Working here is not like working anywhere else, the benefits package is out of this world. Sign the NDA and take the interview, you won’t regret it.” Jim said.

Gary wasn’t convinced, but he’d known Jim for a decade as they had worked at the same company up until a year of so ago when Jim left for a new job.

Jim had reached out a few weeks ago to see if Gary wanted to jump ship and join him, but Gary had brushed him off. He already worked at a fortune 500 company and had the most senior position in his team… what could a new company offer him?

It as even stranger that they wanted him to sign an NDA just for the interview, let alone the job offer.

Gary pushed the NDA back across the table that the two of them were eating wings at and shook his head, “No, I’m not interested in moving at the moment, but thanks Jim.”

“Fuck…” Jim said and shook his head, “I knew you were going to be a tough nut to crack… already, fine.”

Jim leaned in and lowered his voice, looking from side to side, “Ok, I’m not supposed to do this, but let’s make a bet. You’re still pining for Charlotte right?”

Gary frowned and angered, “I am not ‘pining’, I just haven’t found…”

Jim leaned back and put up his hands, “Hey, no offence, she is a great girl, a real catch for sure…” and then leaned back in when Gary calmed down a bit.

“How does this sound, if you and Charlotte hook back up… let’s say by the end of next week… you’ll sign the NDA and take the interview. If not… I’ll never mention anything about my company to you again.”

Gary’s skeptical eyebrow raised up once more looking for an explanation.

“No… nope… I’ve already said too much. That’s all you get.” Jim replied, crossing his arms and sitting back in his chair.

“Alright, fine. I haven’t even talked to Charlotte since she left, so it’s not like she’s going to pop back into my life anytime soon.”

Jim smiled and pushed the NDA back across the table, “Here, take this with you… just in case.”

* * *

Gary looked at his semen spread over Charlotte’s tits and felt his dick start to harden again. He as pretty sure she’d orgasmed when the first drops of cum had fallen, along with several more times when he’d been sucking on her nipples.

He’d never been able to get her to orgasm before without paying attention to her clit, and even then her orgasms had never been as powerful as the ones she’d just had. She might have been faking it, but the glazed over look in her eyes seemed to indicate otherwise.

He got up and went to the bathroom to clean up, leaving her spread out on his bed. A quick shower later, he headed out to the kitchen to get something to drink, on his way his eyes wandered to the coffee table and the small stack of papers that were on it.

Something in the back of his mind nagged at him and he suddenly stopped in his tracks as what it was dawned on him, “FUCK!”

He stepped quickly over and ruffled through the papers, finding the NDA and looking at it. Then up towards his bedroom, and then back to the NDA, a single memory of something that Jim had said repeating though his mind.

“The benefits package is out of this world.”

Gary smiled and rummaged around for a pen, quickly signing the NDA and wondering if it was too late to call Jim or if he should wait until the morning.