I looked at the photo of last years softball team and smiled, flipping it over I read off the names to myself; Jen, Tammy, Erica, Donna, and Britney.

I flipped it back over and admired my work, when the five of them had started the year they’d been so plain and boring, but they’d really blossomed under my tutelage, they’d even won the championship!

Not by actually being any good at softball of course, god no, but by sucking and fucking every other team until none of them dared to score any runs or stop the girls from running the bases whenever they wanted to!

They had all worked at the same firm together, and as a team building exercise had decided to join up to a summer league of some kind and I’d been fortunate enough to be the lucky one they picked. Of course once I had them it was easy enough to start manipulating their minds.

My power isn’t all that great really, but given some time and the right kind of motivations, I can get pretty much anything I want done. The girls were easy to manipulate, so fiercely competitive in their careers they hardly noticed me turn it against them.

Jen was an executive assistant that was looking to replace her boss, Tammy was the office manager that ruled with an iron fist, Erica was a senior VP that they all reported into, Donna was an sales manager, and Britney was their finance person.

It wasn’t long before they were all competing with each other to see who could get the most dick from the other teams. Erica though had really thrown herself into it, and before the end of the season had even gotten her tits done. The others had been very jealous about that, but she’d just rubbed it in their faces as often as she could.

All five of them had quit their jobs before the end of the season.

Jen had hooked up with the captain of one of the other teams and was well on her way to being a trophy wife. Tammy had started an onlyfans account and quickly found her niche as a milf that would do anything her fans requested. Erica had turned out to be independently wealthy already and so she “retired” and took Britney on as her project, making the girl a devoted lesbian lover. Donna was still in sales, but now she was selling her own body to whoever would pay her for it.

I ran my finger over Erica’s tits in the photo, remembering how firm they felt in my hands, before setting the photo down and picking up another that I’d just taken a few days ago.

In it were five women, wearing ill fitting team outfits, with a mix of emotions on their faces. It was this years new recruits to my team, another group of ladies looking to build their teamwork and social skills.

I was only too happy to help out.

Jen, Tammy, Erica, Donna, and Britney