“Holy shit Jenna, is that you?” I asked in disbelief as I gawked at the woman before me and my jaw almost hit the floor.

The blonde bombshell tilted her head to the side for a moment as her forehead creased a little before her eyes almost sparkled and a giant smile crossed her lips.

“Oh my gawd! Like Jimmy!” she squealed and launched herself at me, wrapping her arms around me and giving me a giant hug. I couldn’t help but notice the way she rubbed her chest against mine and wiggled her ass as she did so.

She broke it off with a little satisfied moan and then giggled as she squirmed in place, “Like, how long has it been baby?”

I blinked several times, still in semi shook from the frontal assault combined with the growing hardon in my pants, “Uh… three years?” I stammered.

“Like, that long, really? giggle

I was having a hard time reconciling what I was seeing and hearing with the last time I’d seen Jenna. She’d been brought in as a consultant for the company I worked for to help with “streamlining” operations, aka firing people. She’d been ruthless, focused, determined, and a stone cold bitch. Exactly what the company had needed at the time and I’d been her liaison with the executives.

Without me realizing it, my eyes had drifted down to her ample cleavage and I’d been staring silently for several moments at them, only breaking my stare when she wiggled her breasts from side to side.

“You like’em baby? giggle Oh my gawd, I remember now, like you had the biggest crush on me didn’t you? giggle

“Well… I… I mean…” I stammered, it was true though. Even back then with her jet black hair pulled back into a pony tail, her plain makeup, and ultra-conservative power suits, she had been stunning. Now… well, now was an entirely different story.

Before I could finish she quickly looked from side to side, then grabbed my hand and pulled me around behind the giant potted plant and pushed me against the wall. She dropped to her knees and quickly undid my pants and pulled my dick out, wrapping her lips around it and sliding it into her mouth.

Her bright blue eyes stared right up at me as she unknotted her top and played with her breasts as she slowly moved up and down my shaft. It didn’t take long for her to drain me completely, but she kept going until there was no doubt.

In a quick, practiced fashion, she stood up and tied up her top again before quickly fishing out a business card from her purse.

“Like, give me a call anytime baby! I’d totally love to get that monster in my pussy… or ass, which yea like! giggle

I looked down at the card and read it, “Jenna DeSlut, Professional Whore” and then her phone number.

She turned and started to walk away before looking back over her shoulder, “And, like, turn the card over if you wanna know more…” she said with a wink and then left, her ass swaying from side to side as she did.

I looked down at the card again and flipped it over, this time a company name, a slogan, and phone number was all that there was on it, “Russel Human Service… making you’re employees the best employees.”

Jenna shot daggers at James who sat across the table from her, she’d already fired half of his staff, what made him think she wasn’t about to do the same to him?

“Look Jenna, I assure you, my breakthrough will revolutionize everything…” he started.

“That’s Ms. DeSilva, Mr. Russel.” she started and put her hand up to stop him going any further.

He let out a slight sigh and stop short for a moment, “My apiologies, Ms. DeSilva. But if you’ll just take a look at what I’ve brought you’ll see that my department is critical and we need to rehire my staff that you’ve already let go…”

She rolled her eyes and shook her head, “I don’t see how anything you can show me will change the companies position, but fine, what do you have.”

James didn’t hesitate and quickly pulled out a contraption from the bankers box that he’d come to their meeting with, “Just put this on, trust me, it will change everything…”

Her shoulders slumped a little, she’d seen this kind of thing before, some desperate attempt to show how their latest gadget was 2% better than the competitions and that was somehow supposed to save their jobs. She knew from experience it was simply better to humor them and so she took it from him and slipped it on her head.

“Ok, now just let me activate it…” she heard him say and then was followed by several clicks. The headset came to life and was filled with fast moving colours and sound.

“I don’t see… how… how… I…” she started to say but found her mind clouding over before she slumped into her chair and her mouth hung open as the device continued it’s work.