Amira snapped the photo and added it to her “progress” album and wondered what her life would have been like if she hadn’t met Keith.

She knew he’d see the photo soon enough, he had complete access to all her accounts and devices, she’d eagerly given it to him. But that didn’t mean she couldn’t think about what other possibilities there might have been if she’d taken the left detour on the way to work instead of the right, or skipped her coffee addition that morning, or he’d been assigned to one of the other sales agents in the dealership.

He’d seemed ordinary enough at the time when he came in with the bubbly blonde on his arm. Ok, maybe not ordinary per se, but not highly unusual either. Yes, the stacked blonde hanging off the arm of what could only be described as an “ordinary” man raised a few questions in her mind at the time, but nothing too major. It wasn’t the first time a guy had come into the dealership with some trophy wife or girlfriend.

He’d even bought a car, an expensive, top of the line luxury model that made her quite the commission. It was when they had finished the paperwork that things had gone downhill.

Instead of shaking hands and then leaving, he’d pulled out some of his own paperwork that he’d pushed over in front of her. She’d been confused at the time, but even more so as he’d started to go over all the options and checking them off one by one.

Hair: Down to ass
Lips: Puff enough to not fully close
Tits: 1200cc implants
Waist: 18 inches max
Hips: Narrow
Ass: Firm
Facial Expression: Dump and empty
Personality: Hot, dumb sex kitten
Kink: Showing off big fake tits
Delivery Date: TBD

Her head had been spinning as he handed her a pen and she scrawled her name across the bottom of it. She knew she still had work to do; her hair wasn’t long enough yet, her surgeon had only been able to go so big on the first round of implants, and she was still working on her dump and empty look, but she was getting there and that was what was important.

After all, he wouldn’t take final delivery of her until she match all of his specifications and she knew she couldn’t break the contract she’d sign.