Kasey gripped her towel tightly, trying desperately to control the shiver of pleasure that was threatening to run right down her spine and form goosebumps all over her body.

thwack she heard from behind her and she braced herself as she knew the ball was flying through the air right towards her. He smack her right ass cheek and then deflected into the net beside her, she moaned loudly and lost the battle as he as jiggled from the impact and goosebumps formed on it.

“Good shot Sir!” she called out when her moan subsided.

She twisted the towel even harder.


This time the ball went wide to her left and she wasn’t sure if the disappointment she felt was for him, missing, for her, the ball not landing on her ass, or that it had been her hitting balls on the court not that long ago.

She had been a rising star, coming up through the ranks, destined for the pros, or at least she thought she had been. It was in one of her final amateur matches that she’d injured her knee, blowing it out and leaving her unsure of her future.

At the time, when her coach had suggested a well know doctor, she’d been all for it. She had no reason to not trust him, he’d taken her from just another wannabe to a real contender in the few years she’d known him. Of course now she realized she couldn’t trust him as far as she could throw him, but it was too late.

The doctor had suggested surgery and she’d agreed. She could still remember getting put under and how excited she was to be getting healthy and back to the court.

When she woke up, everything was wrong. Well, almost everything, he knee did hurt as she expected it too, but nothing else seemed right. Her face hurt, her ass hurt, her chest hurt… just about everything hurt.

To top it off, she couldn’t even move!

It wasn’t long before the smiling face of a nurse came into view and assured her everything was just fine before placing a headset of her eyes and ears and turning it on. Kasey knew instantly that everything wasn’t going to be all right, even if it had taken several more weeks for that to become true.

Her memories from that time were a muddled mess, they’d kept her drugged up to keep her calm, but also incredibly horny at the same time. The constant barrage of lights and sounds made it hard to know how long each session had been, but between them they took her to the bathroom and cleaned her up before feeding her and then returning her to her bed for another session.

She’d struggled, a little, those first few times, but she had no strength, and soon enough no desire, to resist.

By the time her body had healed, her mind had been broken. She was no longer an aspiring professional tennis player, she was just a silly little ball girl. Focused on getting the balls for the players, either the little yellow ones with her hands, or the wrinkly ones attached to their dicks that she sucked on with her, now far fatter, lips.

For those first few weeks she’d found out other things about her new self, like the current game being played, hit that ass. Any time a tennis ball, or racket, came in contact with her ass a wave of pleasure coursed over her. It was the same with her tits.


The sound of another ball coming towards her broke train of thought and when hi hit her square in the ass she wasn’t prepared for it.

“OH GOD!” she cried out as a small orgasm crashed over her.

When she recovered the player was standing right behind her, she turned around and knew what was expected. She quickly pulled down his shorts, leaned her head back, and sucked his balls into her mouth, the length of his dick laying across her face.

She took the base of his dick in her hands and slapped it against her face as she sucked his balls and watched him take his racket around behind her and start to gently tap her ass with it. It was too much for her to take, she orgasmed over and over again until she finally felt his cum spurt onto her face and a massive orgasm crashed over her.

She didn’t stop sucking his balls though, after all, she was the best ball girl at the club and she proved it each and every day.