It was hard to reconcile the dichotomy of her two minds, but the therapist in her recognized what was going on, even if she was unable to stop it.

Jennifer, the therapist, could recognize the coping mechanisms she was using; denial, projections, transference, etc. Bunny, on the other hand, just couldn’t wait to get her big inflated lips warped around her owner’s carrot.

Her owner… that thought sent a shiver through Bunny and Jennifer both, though for different reasons. Bunny because, of course, she loved and needed her owner; Jennifer because the thought of being owned was deeply wrong.

She’d accepted him as a client several months ago, as a court appointed patient, that she knew would be a tough job, but she was confident she could help him. She’d been overconfident and it hadn’t taken long for him to start twisting her own insecurities against her and their weekly sessions had stopped being about him and become all about her.

Jennifer wasn’t sure exactly when Bunny had first popped into her head, but Jennifer knew that she was now quickly taking over more and more. In fact, outside of work at her practice, Bunny was almost always in control these days.

As soon as she got home she’d put on her makeup, the bunny ears, and spend most of the night masturbating with plastic carrots, bringing herself close to orgasm multiple times, but only cresting when she thought of the plastic carrot being replaced with the real carrot of her owner.

It was even worse than what Jennifer liked to admit to herself, because after the second or third set of fillers she’d gotten in her lips, she’d started to lose clients. They’d look at her in confusion, her overstuffed lips dominating her face, and their attention, and only a few lasted more than three or four sessions with her.

Which meant she had even more time at home, alone, with the plastic carrots, and thoughts of her owner.

Jennifer knew it would be even worse after next week. She’d fought against making the appointment with the plastic surgeon for as long as she could, and even tried to cancel it several times after she’d made it, but it was no use. When she’d arrived at his office for the consult, Bunny had been in full control, eagerly asking for the biggest, fakest, plastic tits he could give her.

By the time she recovered after the surgery next week, the few remaining clients Jennifer had would leave her, forcing her to close her practice. In turn, that would result in Bunny being able to take over Jennifer’s entire life.

Jennifer picked up her phone, posed, and took a selfie before adding a message to it and sending it, “Bunny needs a carrot!”

A shiver ran through her, she hadn’t meant to refer to herself as Bunny, but it was happening more and more often, and she knew it was pointless to fight it now. Instead she took another selfie, this time with her eyes rolled back in her head and her tongue sticking out of her lips.

“Jennifer needs her owner’s carrot! Jennifer needs to be her owner’s pet Bunny!”

Jennifer’s whole body shivered as she sent the message, as the therapist inside of her continued to rationalize her actions. She was helping him, just not in the way she had originally thought. After all, if he had a good pet bunny like her, and she fulfilled all of his wants and desires, he wouldn’t have to go and mess with the minds of other innocent girls to get what he wanted.