A hands on kind of leader...

Tuesday September 05, 2023

Carla snapped the photo for evidence of what had been done to her and then opened the gallery and scrolled through the dozens of photos there.

As she scrolled back through the gallery her breasts become smaller, her hair darker, her lips thinner, her face more expressive, until she arrived back at the first one with the fresh faced officer in her clean cut uniform staring back at her.

She’d gone undercover at the club two years ago… or was it three? It was hard to tell with so much missing time now. The first time it had happened she’d been freaked out, even more so when she’d seen her reflection in the mirror for the first time and her longer, blonder hair stared back at her.

It had only been a couple of days that first time, but it got longer each time, though never when she was “working” at the club. No, she remembered every single minute of that, they men mauling her body, degrading her and treating her like a piece of meat, rubbing her nipples and clit, and so much more since those first innocent months.

It was perhaps four months in when the first big chunk of time went missing, two whole weeks, and when she came around she had her first set of implants. The men at the club liked them, and it wasn’t long before they were sucking on them, squeezing them, and slapping them with her encouragement.

By the end of that first year she was fucking any regular that wanted to, either at the club, at their place, or back at hers.

She wasn’t really sure why she was still documenting the changes, she’d quit the force long ago, she could still vividly remember the day she’d gone to her CO with her resignation. She’d sucked his cock and then he’d bent her over his desk and fucked her silly.

He’d been the one to betray her, sending her undercover to a club that he had some kind of deal with the owner. Her CO would protect the club from legal issues with the police and in return the club’s owner would send him over girls whenever he wanted. She had no idea how it had been done to her, or any of the other girls at the club, but she knew she was powerless to stop it.

She’d gone to see him many times in these last few years, always eagerly taking his cock into whatever hole he wanted to use that time. She suspected that her continued increase in breast size was his doing as well.

Just as that thought crossed her mind her phone binged and she picked it up, quickly reading the message.

“Welcome home, squeeze those new tits into something revealing and get your ass over here.” the message from her ex-CO read and a shutter ran through her.

She quickly went to her closet and found the tightest little dress she owned, two weeks ago it had barely contained her tits, now she had to cram then in so hard that she wondered if her new implants would pop.

Carla unlocked her phone to hail the car service when it opened to the gallery again, a frown threatened to cross her lips, though never quite made it, as she wondered how many more photos would be added to the gallery before he was done with her.

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