The gym was a great place to hunt for new prey, not because of the bevvy of beautiful women that went there, but because of their mindset.

Oh sure, there were lots of super confident, in charge, alpha women that were “perfect” in their own mind, but there were far more insecure, self defeating women “just looking to improve a little” as well. It was this second group that interested me, because they were so easy to manipulate, just a little push there, a little tug here, and soon enough they were completely under my control.

It was the limitation with my power, it didn’t take much for someone to shrug my influence off.

As a personal trainer I’d been working on Tanya for a few months, she’d come in looking to lose the freshman 10, which was more like 20, that she’d gained during university. It only took a little push to convince her that what she really wanted to do was “redistribute” that weight, not lose it completely.

She’d been working on getting that phat ass ever since.

A little tug towards wearing more revealing clothing had changed her workout outfit.

Another push to showing off her already impressive tits, and she was well on her way.

I walked over to where she was kneeling, which is how she always presented herself to me at the start of our session, and smiled down at her.

Her fingers went for my shorts and pulled them down, her lips wrapped around my hardening dick, and she started her workout sessions in earnest.

She pulled back till the tip of my dick was all that was left in her mouth and looked up with lust in her eyes.

“Shit Tanya, those are some really thin lips, have you ever thought about getting fillers?” I said and watched her mind spiral into a pattern I’d seen thousands of times, I didn’t even have to use my power to help her along. I knew that by the time she came for her next session at the gym that her lips would be puffy and full.

She dove back down my shaft, gagging and slurping, as she tried to make up for her thin lips with enthusiasm, which I always appreciated.

Though I was really looking forward to a few more weeks from now, when that phat ass she had been working on would be bouncing up and down on my dick.