God it was so hot, and bright, would this hell never end?

Laura wiped her forehead with the back of her latex covered hand and once more tried to find the seem that would let her take it off to no avail. She wasn’t sure how the latex had been put on her, but she had yet to find any seems of fasteners to remove it.

The corset was even worse, the last time she’d tired to remove it she’d activated some system that had actually tightened it around her waist.

But even all of that wasn’t the worst of it, the worst was the low, monotonous tones that filled the entire space she was in. They pounded at her head and gave her a splitting headache to say the least.

Laura pushed off of the wall and took another circuit of the room, still finding now exit, not windows, not holes, just more concrete.

Suddenly the lights went off, the sound stopped and Laura alost panicked. Before she could even scream, the lights flickered brightly and the room was filled with a high pitched sound that was like a dagger in her mind. She grabbed her head and tried to block it out, but it was too powerful.

It stopped just as suddenly as sit started, the room going dark for a moment before the regular lights came back on.

When they did, she was standing at attention, her face placid, her hands limp at her side, her eyes focused on something a million miles away.

“Undress.” the loud, powerful voiced echoed through the room and no thought passed through her head, but her hands quickly found the latches and zippers of her outfit and pealed it off of herself.

“Status.” the voice bellowed once she was naked and standing at attention once more.

“Drone is online and functioning. Final remnants of previous personality have been completely overwritten with new operations system.”

“Proceed to processing.”

The drone took a step towards the obvious door in the far wall and opened it, stepping out into a well lit hallway and on to her destination.