Trisha couldn’t help but gently stroke the pendant, it felt just like someone was licking her pussy each time she did. She let out a moan and stroked it again and again as she sat in the chair.

Across from her was Derek, he’d given her the pendant for her birthday, just a few weeks after they’d broken up. He’d said he’d bought it for her a while ago so she might as well have it. It was pathetic, she’d cheated on him and yet he still was giving her presents.

She’d smiled and accepted it, not think much of it even after feeling the slight tingle that shot up her arm when she’d touched it for the first time.

She was a little surprised when she felt Derek’s hand touch her own and move it away from the pendant, her eyes shot open and she looked up at him, her eyes pleading to let her touch it again, but not words coming from her lips.

He reached over and gently stroked the pendant, Trisha’s eyes we wide as her whole body shivered and spasmed as an orgasm crashed over her. She hadn’t had an orgasm in weeks and the suddenness of it caught her completely off guard.

Her eyes eventually fluttered open and she looked up at him once more, a single word finally slipping from between her lips, “Master.”

It felt good, it felt right, it felt true.

She slipped from the chair on to the floor kneeling in front of him before lowered her head to the floor. She hoped he would grant her more orgasms, but knew that just like her mind and body, they belong to him now.