Tammy stepped out of the box carefully, still gripping her purse as she looked around the room.

She was still groggy, her mind clouded and slow, but she knew this was her chance, perhaps her only chance to escape.

She took a step forward towards the door, struggling to walk in the tight latex dress as well as the tower heels, while trying not to make too much noise.

Time seemed to be a blur, she wasn’t really sure how long she’d been in the box, or under the influence of whoever had put her there, but it had to be quite a while. The last clear memory she had was leaving the elevator at her office garage and “waddling” towards her car.

She had been *very* overweight, over 300 pounds at the time, and she couldn’t imagine that she’d lost that much weight in days or weeks, maybe not even months. She closed her eyes and shook her head, better not to think of such things and instead focus on escaping.

Arriving at the door she found no handle on it, but instead a keypad a card reader to the side. Just as she was about to start trying a passcode, the door buzzed and swung open.

Tammy jumped back, almost loosing her balance, only to be confronted with a buxom blonde in a tight white latex nurses outfit.

“Oh my god! Like we’re gonna be late! Hurry up!” the nurse cried out and grabbed hold of Tammy’s hand before bolting out of the door and dragging Tammy with her.

Tammy’s head flung from side to side as they passed plain white door after plain white door in the hallway. She struggled to keep up with the nurse, the echo’s of both of their tower heels filling the hallway as they raced farther and farther down it.

When they reached the end, the nurse flung the door open and they both rushed into the room behind it.

Tammy’s eyes went wide as the operating room came into focus, a man in a gown was there, along with another nurse clad in latex.

“I… I have to go…” Tammy managed to get out as she struggled to break free of the nurse’s grip. Once she had she turned and made for the door they had just entered only to hear the doctor speak.

“Come on Barbie…”

The words filled her head and her whole body shivered as she froze in place. She could feel her mind slipping away, and then it was gone.

* * *

Barbie turned around and held her purse with both hands behind her back as she smiled and swiveled in place as she pushed her tits out.

“Hiya Doctor Ken! Like, what are we playing today?” she squealed in excitement.

“Why we’re playing doctor, of course.” he replied and tapped his hand on the bed he was standing beside.

Barbie wiggled her way over and jumped up on to the bed as Doctor Ken picked up a scalpel and started cutting her latex dress from her body.

When he was done, he replaced the scalpel with a marker and started drawing around her tits. When he was done, he smiled and picked up a package from the table beside him and showed it too her.

Inside was a large silicone implant and she let out a squeal and bounced in place. Doctor Ken had been working on her body for so long and he was finally going to give her the big fake plastic tits she deserved!

She laid back and the nurse placed a mask over her face and she breathed deeply as the world faded around her.

Just as the blackness was about to completely consume her, she heard a faint little voice from somewhere, “No! No! NO! I don’t want to be a Barbie doll! Run away! Please for the love of god… run…”

But it faded away just like her conciousness did and all that was left was the blissful emptiness of her future.