“Nggg… no… please… you promised…” Debbie whimpered as she grabbed her head and she felt reality warp around her again.

He had promised… if she was a good girl and obeyed all his commands, he wouldn’t change her any more.

And she had been good. Eagerly and willingly doing whatever he wanted, no matter how humiliating or debasing.

Her whole body shivered as she felt her tits move up her chest a little and expand even more than last time, just as her waist contracted and the leather corset tighten around her. The hair between her fingers changed as well, no longer as fine, it was corser and thicker and more voluminous.

Her lower lip quivered as pleasure coursed through her, it was the double edge sword of the changes he made, she hated what he was making her, but loved the process soooooo much.

When it was over she blinked and looked down at her giant tits and pouted a little.

“Like, you made my titties even bigger! You meany you!” She said in a voice, that to her surprise, was several octaves higher.

It wasn’t just the sound of her voice though, it was the words and the way she spoke that was so foreign to her. She had a PhD, educated at the top schools in the world, was a well respected public speaker on social and political topics… or at least had been.

Now she was just a squeaky voiced bimbo with the vocabulary of a twelve year old.

She was about to say something else when he grabbed her hips, twirled her around and pushed her over, sliding his dick into her pussy in one swift motion. She giggled and squealed in delight as he pounded her pussy and orgasm after orgasm crashed over her.

Other than the pleasured that filled her mind, one other nagging thought keep bubbling up between orgasms, did she really want this? Or had he just changed her to want it?

Another stroked of his cock pushed that thought out of her mind and instead her lips parted and her voiced filled the room, “Like, fuck me harder baby! I love it! *giggle*”

It was true, she did love it, and that was all that really mattered.