“Fuck, fuck, fuck.” Liz thought as she looked in the mirror, it was worse than she thought it would be.

But then again, she really didn’t have any idea how bad a curse could be, so she really didn’t have anything to base that on.

She reached up and pulled at the blonde locks tha covered the right side of her head, she could still see the dark roots, but only an inch or so was left. She was pretty sure by this time tomorrow even the roots would be blonde. The other side of her head was still covered in brown hair, but it was lighter than yesterday, she doubted it would last more than a week or two at this rate.

She let out a sigh and gave her lips a pout as she leaned into the mirror. Or at least tried to as they were already pretty much in a permanent pout as it was. She reached up and touched them, the shiny red lipstick, wasn’t lipstick at all. Instead it was the real flesh of her lips, not something that she’d ever have to worry about smudging off.

Which was a good thing, as in desperation last night she’d gone out last night and found some random guy to suck off.

She ran her finger across her lips and a tingle ran through her, followed by a giggle that escaped from between them. She was pretty sure she’d smiled, but again, it was impossible to tell.

She wondered how much worse it was going to get, she was already needing to suck cock at least twice a day now, and if she didn’t get a dick into her at least once every two days, well… she didn’t like to think about what happened then.

And all because she pissed off a witch. How was she supposed to know that he was her boyfriend? He had hit on her just a much as she’d hit on him!

She closed her eyes and shook her head, no sense dwelling on the past, it wasn’t going to solve anything. Instead she pulled her hair back into a pony tail and wrapped a scrunchy around it, before heading back into her bedroom to find something to wear.

She looked down at her tits… breasts she mentally corrected herself, it was getting hard to think of them that way, but she had to try. Either way, they were larger again today, maybe a half cup size, but big enough she knew she’d been going to the store to get a new bra today.

Then she found something that she didn’t immediately recoil from, either from being too conservative, or too slutty, and settled on a nice pink dress that came down to her knees but showed some cleavage at the same time. She grabbed a matching pair of heels, a nice little purse, and finished getting ready.

Once she was out of the door, she made her way towards the shops, both to hunt for some new bras, but also because she’d found them to be an easy hunting ground to find men to satisfy he new needs. Of course, that was getting easier and easier as she progressed towards becoming the bimbo slut she’d been cursed to be.

A shiver ran down her spin at that though, the memory of the witch cursing her, the power surrounding her and then engulfing Liz. By the time she recovered from it, both the witch and her boyfriend were gone, leaving Liz standing there in the middle of club.

“Oh, hey Liz. Welcome back!” the girl behind the counter said and Liz realized she’d made it all the way to the shops without even realizing it.

“Hi… uhm…” Liz stammered.

“Sarah.” the girl replied with a smile that was a little too friends and suddenly Liz remembered why.

“Oh, uh, I have to go…” Liz started to excuse herself but the girl reached across the counter and held her hand.

“Oh don’t be silly. I can see from here you need a new bra… let me help you with that.” Sarah said and came out from behind the counter.

“Ah… ok…” Liz replied with a quiver in her lip.

The problem was that she knew where this was heading, Liz would be on her knees licking Sarah’s pussy in the change room in no time.

Because, of course, like a good bimbo slut, Liz didn’t really care if she was sucking cock or licking pussy, just that she had something to suck on.