Cassandra couldn’t help the disappointed look on her face, here she was, undercover, trying to catch some John’s and her very first client just wanted to talk!

She let out a sigh, “Well, sure honey, whatever you want… you’re paying…” she replied as she held out her hand, palm up.

She might as well make sure to get the cash, just in case he changed his mind later and she could actually arrest him.

“Oh, yes, of course.” the man said and handed her over several one hundred dollar bills.

“You know, I really am embarrassed, I mean, I’ve never done anything like this before.” he said, blushing a little.

This time she managed to avoid rolling her eyes and instead give him a little smile and pat his hand, “That’s ok. Nothing wrong with just wanting to talk.” she replied, which was of course true and the problem for her.

“Thanks… it’s just so hard these days, you know? I mean you spend all your time at work, trying to claw your way up the ladder.. and for what?”

Something about the way he said it really resonated with Cassandra and she found herself genuinely smiling and nodding along. After all she’d been in the department for three years and had never been given any opportunities to advance… at least that weren’t based on her looks.

Even this assignment, that she hoped would advance her career, had only been given to her because she was obviously the best looking officer in the department.

“It’s not like they’re ever going to let you get to the top of the heap. No they’re just going to keep you down at the bottom so they can sneer down at you.” he continued and for some reason she started to feel a little light headed.

“Uh, yeah, I mean, they always look down their noses at me too.” she replied feeling more comfortable than she every though she would being paid to listen to a John.

“Exactly, you might as well not even try. All they are ever going to do is look down their noses at you and think ‘she just gets buy on her looks’. It’s almost enough to make you just give up and accept the inevitable.”

Cassandra scrunched her forehead a bit, what he was saying was making a lot of sense, except for the last part, “Inevitable?”

“Oh, come on now, you can’t tell me you haven’t considered it at some point?”

“Considered… considered what?” she replied as she found her heart starting to race a little and she took in a gasp of air.

“You know…” he replied, nodding his head a little, “…just, doing it. Just doing what they think you already do anyway to get ahead in life, right?”

Memories suddenly flashed behind her eyes, last week at the department when she overheard two of her fellow officers talking, “I bet she gives great head.” one of them had said, the other nodded and smirked, “Probably can suck a golf ball through a hose.” the other replied.

Older memories flashed through her mind, back at graduation, two men behind her on stage were talking after she had received her diploma, “I wonder how many of the professors she had to sleep with to get a passing grade?” the one asked, “Probably all of them.” the second replied, both chuckled at their wit.

Dozens and dozens of memories ran through her mind and she wobbled from side to side a little as they did.

“I’m… I’m not… a whore…” she manage to stutter out, not realizing what she was saying.

“You’re not? I mean, you’re dressed like one… you’re in a hotel room with a stranger you’ve never met before… who’s paid you in cash for your time…”

“But… but… we haven’t fucked…” she replied, her head swirling around around as he stood up and walked over to her.

He reached down and grabbed her purse, pulling the cash she had just put there a few minutes ago from it and placed it back in his pocket.

“That’s true… and since I’ve taken the money back, maybe you’re just a slut, not a whore… let’s find out.” he said and then unzipped his pants and let them fall to the floor.

Cassandra’s eyes went wide as she gasped and her fingers reached out tentatively towards his hardening shaft. They came in contact with it and it bounced to life. She wrapped her fingers around it and leaned forward, gently taking it into her mouth.

God it was so much easier to suck cock to get what she wanted than to actually work for it. All she had to do was suck and suck and suck and she knew she’d get what she wanted.

It didn’t take long, his cum filling her mouth, her orgasm crashing over her, and the blissful knowledge that she wasn’t a whore, but simply a slut, filled her mind as she fell backwards and passed out.

Jim looked at the monitor, the sleeping form of Cassandra laid out on the bed, cum on her lips as the man re-dressed and went to the bathroom. It wasn’t long before he left the hotel room and there was a knock on his own.

He went to the door and opened it with a smile on his face, “Johnny!” he said as he greeted the man and extended his hand.

“Jim!” Johnny replied and shook it, then entered the hotel room and let the door close behind him.

“You’ve really found a real knockout this time Jim.” Johnny said, tossing his head towards the monitor and Cassandra’s limp body.

“Damn right… I couldn’t believe she wasn’t up for some simple sex in exchange for more opportunities, but to each their own I guess.”

“I know, right, I mean that body just screams ‘open for business’.”

Jim nodded and rubbed his chin, “Do you think she’ll need another session, or will one be enough?”

“Well by the suction she demonstrated tonight, I’d say one is enough… but you know… just to be sure, perhaps a second one might be wise.” Johnny replied in a clearly untrue tone.

Jim chuckled and nodded, “Of course, we want to be sure… perhaps tomorrow night?”

“Jim, you’re killing me here… I’m not a young man anymore! I need a couple days to recover at least!”

Both men chuckled and turned to look at the monitor, “How long do you think she’ll be out for?”

“Couple of hours at least, I had to burrow pretty deep into her head, but there was a lot of stuff to work with at least.”

Jim nodded and then walked over to the desk with his laptop on it, “Ok, well I’m sure this video will be enough to get her fired… giving back money to the John and sucking him off… that’s not very professional.”

“About that… I don’t want to get into trouble or anything…” Johnny started by Jim held up his hand.

“Not to worry… the camera must have been bumped because not a single image of your face was captured for some reason.”

Both men chuckled again and Johnny gave Jim’s back a slap, “Perfect… well, I’m all tuckered out, so I’m heading home to get some sleep. Give me a call in a couple of days and we’ll do her second session.”

“Will do.” Jim replied as Johnny turned and headed to the door.

Jim was already editing the video, in a few weeks she’d be let go from the force and she’d come to live with him. He didn’t know how long he’d keep her for, she wasn’t the first and certainly wouldn’t be the last, that all depended upon the next crop of students the academy sent to his department.

He continued working, taking a pause once in a while to look at the monitor and Cassandra’s unconscious form on the bed in the next room. Each time a smile crossed his lips, and he knew it wouldn’t be long before he’d get to enjoy what had been denied him for months.