A hands on kind of leader...

Tuesday December 05, 2023

Kimberly snapped the selfie as she stood in the change room and then quickly flipped between it and the one she had taken a few weeks ago, before he surgery.

It was an impressive difference, her small breasts had always been… perky, but her new tits were… amazing!

A scowl crossed her face, she’d promised herself when she started working at the strip club she wouldn’t change because of it. She was just earing some money to pay the rent and her tuition… that was it.

The pounding bass of the music suddenly grew louder as the door opened and then quieted again as it closed, she looked up just in time to see Dave, the club manager, standing behind her.

“Oh… hi Dave.” she said, the frown still on her face.

“Hey Kimmy, what’s wrong? Oh hey, that’s right, you just got your tits done didn’t you? They look great by the way.” Dave said.

Kimberly’s frown grew a little more, she hated being called Kimmy, and being completement about her tits seemed… wrong.

Before she could say anything Dave stepped right up behind her, reached around, and then slipped his hands under her top and grabbed her tits.

“You don’t mind if I give them a try do you Kimmy?” he asked without really asking as he’d already taken hold of them.

“Dave… I…” she started to stammer but he gave her tits a good squeeze and all she could do was lay her head back and moan.

“That’s right, you love having your nice new fake tits played with don’t you? Squeezed and sucked and rubbed and licked. Just a horny little titty slut aren’t you?”

Kimberly continued to moan and for some reason the music seemed to get louder and louder inside of her head even though the change room door was still closed. The music and Dave’s voice seemed to mix together become one and all Kimberly could do was bask in the pleasure that was coming from her tits.

Then he stopped, took a step back and gave her ass a good hard slap, “Well don’t just stand there Kimmy, get changed and out onto the floor. I’m sure Rick is eager to see you.”

Kimberly’s eyes flew open and she jerked back to the moment, “Oh yeah, right away boss!” she said and then quickly went to her locker to get changed as Dave left the change room.

A smile crossed her lips as Dave’s last words to her replayed in her head, “Rick is eager to see you.”

Rick had paid for her new tits and she’d promised him he’d be the first to see them at the club. Then another thought crossed her mind… maybe Rick would pay for other things for her too. Maybe he’d pay to make her the perfect strip club fuck doll.

Then she could give up all those silly thoughts that kept creeping into her head, like finishing university, and instead just work at the club full time.

A smile crossed her lips as she pulled on the tiny string bikini that was her outfit and she squeezed her tits together a little. Maybe she should see if Rick wanted to slide his dick between her tits… yes, that was a good idea, then he’d certainly pay for whatever she wanted.

Without thinking about it she unlocked her phone to double check it before heading out, and the photo of her old photo was on screen. She scrunched her nose at it and then quickly deleted it, she didn’t need to be reminded about how small her tits used to be… not when she had nice new fake ones that all the guys were going to want to play with.

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