The holidays were a weird kinda time for me, as an atheist, they didn’t hold any real emotional significance to me, but my collection of girls often were very much into the season.

This year I had three Santa’s little helpers, and two reindeer, not a bad collection. Last year it had been skewed more towards the reindeer, but that was fine as well. I’d passed Jessi and Donna onto new homes during the summer and picked up Denise just a few weeks ago, feeling that four was just not quite enough for this time of year.

Denise was new enough that she hadn’t had enough time to get a dark tan like her “sisters”, or quite get into the shape that I expected of my girls, but she was working hard and she’d get there soon enough. Of course it had taken her a week or so to disentangle herself from her old life, dump her ex-boyfriend, push away the little family she had, piss of her friends, etc.

“Well girls, are you ready to open your presents?” I asked aloud and five heads turned back to me and nodded in excitement.

“Get too it then…” I said and waved my hand towards the tree.

The five of them quickly found their gifts and ripped the paper from them. Suzy, Beth, Helen, and Debbie all got the exact same thing, a nice shiny new strap-on to help Denise learn how to please me better.

Denise got a gift certificate to the plastic surgeons, something she and the rest were super excited about.

Twenty minutes later, all five were spread out over the couch and floor, all fucking each other in various ways, but mostly focused on Denise. I simply leaned back in my chair and sipped my hot chocolate, enjoying the show.

A little frown came to my face as the memory of last years orgy came back to me. I think six was a better number, perhaps for new years I’d have to make a resolution to fix that.

A smile returned to me as the barista at the local coffee shop came to mind and I made a mental note to check up on her.

In the mean time, I’d make down with my five girls, they would certainly keep me busy over the holidays until the new year.