Tammy slipped her overcoat over her shoulders and pushed her tits out as she looked over at her client. It was so weird being back in the workforce after so long.

Her life had been perfect up until a few months ago. She’d latched on to a hot, rich guy during college, gotten him wrapped around her little finger, convinced him to propose, and had a great life together.

If only she’d been a little smarter back then, she might have read the prenup more thoroughly and and question about what “The Perfect Divorce Service” really was.

When Harry had finally caught one of her “dalliances” with the hired help, he’d been so deflated. She’d thought she’d be able to bring him around, gaslight him into forgetting about it, but it wasn’t to be. Instead she received divorce papers one day and a few weeks later she was sitting in office of The Perfect Divorce Service.

It had been a very strange meeting, and she still didn’t quite understand it all, but when it was over, she was broke. And not just broke as in she couldn’t afford the latest designer dresses or anything, but broke like she couldn’t afford rent.

She had won a few things in the divorce though; unlimited access to a salon, a healthy clothing allowance, a high end gym membership, and a generous plastic surgery budget.

It had seemed a little strange at first, but soon she understood completely. Harry had let her stay in one of the condos for a few months until she could land on her feet and she’d taken advantage of the time to get quite a bit of work done on herself.

By the time she had to more out, she had several regular clients lined up and she got herself a small one bedroom apartment in the city.

She pulled her overcoat the rest of the way down and then stood up, taking her hat off slowly before setting it onto of the coat. Then she sashayed her way over to her client sitting in his chair and straddled his lap and pushed her tits into his face.

“Do you like my big fake tits baby?” she asked, knowing full well the answer.

This client loved to suck, squeeze, slap and fuck her tits, and she liked it too.

Which was strange as she’d never really liked anyone playing with her breasts previously. Maybe it was the two giant round balloons of silicone that were stuffed into them now, or maybe she just wanted to get back at Harry a bit. He’d begged her for years to let him play with her breasts and she’d turned him down every time.

Her client pushed her back just a bit, then pulled her bra to the side, exposing her nipples. He latched onto her right nipple with his mouth, his fingers taking her left nipple between them and twirling it.

“Oh god baby yes! Suck that titty!” she cried out and let him have her way with her tits. Her hands quickly went to her bra and unfastened it, letting it slide down around her hips.

She tossed her head back and let out a moan as she bucked her hips gently as he squeezed, slapped and sucked her tits sending waves of pleasure through her.

Eventually he bucked his own hips and pushed her to her feet, quickly moving her to the bed and pushing her back on to it. He stripped down to his birthday suite quick and then straddled her body and moved up until his dick pushed between her tits.

She pushed the sides of her tits together and let him started to slide between them, “Oh god baby, fuck my titties with your big hard cock!”

He pumped back and forth, her pussy dripping wet, as her breath became ragged and her face flush with blood.

“You fuck my tittie so good baby! I love it! I love it!” she cried out just as he reached up to her head, grabbed some of her hair and pulled her head more upright so she was staring right at the tip of his dick as it slide between her tits.

He pushed hard and held for a moment, the first stream of cum flying from between her tits and landing on her face. He pulled back and pushed hard again, sending a second stream of cum on to her.

A third and fourth followed which pushed her over the edge and her own orgasm crested. Her body twitched and spasmed as he let go of her hair, allowing her head to fall backwards.

She looked up at Harry as another orgasm crashed into her mind and for just an instant, she knew exactly what The Perfect Divorce Service really was.