NinjaGirl could sense the warding all around the parking garage, it was clearly The Mage’s hideout, concealed through magic. Looking across the street at the concrete structure, she pulled up her matt black mask and leaped across the divide to the top of the parking garage easily. Her sleek athletic form virtually invisible against the night sky.

She immediately felt the magic surround her, but she was confident in her own wardings to defend her. The magic was weak here though, at the outer edge of its reach, so she knew she needed to get closer to its source, and where else would a supervillian build their hideout but in the basement anyway?

Easily slipping between the levels, climbing between the ramps, she moved to the second topmost and felt the magic increase in intensity. A little shiver ran over her and she gasped as something didn’t quite feel right.

She looked down at her modest C cup breast and raised an eyebrow… something seemed wrong about that, but she couldn’t put her finger on it. She took in a breath and shook her head, trying to regain her focus.

After a moment she slipped over to the edge of the ramp and slipped to the next level lower.

Her feet hit the ground and her legs wobbled as the magic washed over her and she blinked several times to try and steady her mind.

This time she knew something was wrong, her wardings should have protected her but she felt like they were failing. She looked down and ran her hands over her D cup breasts, then around to her plump ass. The large cutout in the back of her outfit was exactly where it should have been and she couldn’t see anything amiss.

She looked up through the space between the ramps and then down at the next levels, and wondered if she should proceed, or return the way she had come. But with nothing obviously wrong, she saw no reason not to continue and once more moved down to the next level.

When her heels clacked against the pavement and looked around quickly to make sure they hadn’t drawn any attention. They weren’t very practical for stealthy mission like this, but god, she just loved them so much.

She let out a little giggled and than ran her hands over her curvaceous body, her fingers lingering on her nipples as she let out a little moan. Much like her heels, her uniform was counterproductive as well, the sparkles embedded in it making it easy for even the slightest glimmer of light to reflect off of them and give away her position.

That was a tradeoff she was willing to make though, she just couldn’t bare to be out in public in something any less fabulous!

She once again looked down to the next level and frowned, her ass would never fit between those ramps! She looked up and wondered how she had ever managed to get this far, but that though passed out of her mind quickly and instead she started to walk down the ramp, her ass swaying, her heels clicking, and her pussy getting moister with every step.

By the time she reached the ground level she was using the railing to keep herself steady. She looked towards the exit and something deep in the back of her mind told her she should get there as quickly as she could.

“Well hello NinjaGirl.” a voice from behind her said and she half turned to see who it was.

Standing there was The Mage, a wide smile on his face, his aura glowing softly all around him.

Her knees wobbled, her nipples hardened, and her eyes went wide as she took in a gasped.

“Going somewhere?” he asked as she watched his aura extend out towards her head.

As soon as it touched her, her eyes rolled back in her head and an orgasm crashed over her.

When she recovered, she was on her knee, looking up at her Master, eager for him to tell her what to do.