“Oh shit shit shit…” Cassandra thought as her body froze up, the spell having gone horribly wrong.

The demon, it’s toothy grin staring gleaming in the candle light, stared right at her, it’s dark red skin seeming to soak up what little light hit it.

The spell was supposed to summon it and entrap it, giving her power of it and the ability to make a deal, but instead it had simply reached out with it’s magic and frozen her on the spot.

Now, it moved slowly and deliberately towards her and she knew she’d screwed up somehow.

A long sharp claw from it’s hand came to rest under her chin and titled her head upwards towards it face, and she could see the flames that flickered in its eyes.

“Such a pathetic little thing.” It growled, send a wave of panic through her.

“Though I do have uses for such a thing as you…” it said and the flames in its eyes intensified and Cassandra’s body suddenly felt like it had burst into flames.

She could feel herself distorting under the magic of the demon, changing, growing, shrinking, reforming, until the bruin reached her mind and she screamed silently for no one to hear.

Flames burst forth from the ground and Cassandra appeared from them, around her a graveyard, along with four men and an ancient book.

She struck a pose, her right hand on her hip, her left gently touching her massive breast, and then she smiled at the men.

“Hello boys, thank you for summoning me.” she said in a low sexy voice.

The men seemed confused, which wasn’t unexpected, her Master often used her in this way.

“We… we didn’t summon you… we summoned…” one of the men started but she interrupted him.

“My Master is far too busy for such a low level summoning… he sent me instead.” she said.

It wasn’t exactly true, this wasn’t a low level summoning, it was one of the best, and as such, it would have trapped her Master.

“But… but… he has to appear…” one of the other men interjected.

She smiled again, “Don’t be silly, I’m here on his behalf, I can speak for him.”

A third man spoke after a moment, “In that case we want…”

She let out a little laugh, “Oh I like you… the direct kind… but no. First we must get to what I want.”

A mumble passed over all four and then the first one that spoke did so again, “And… what exactly do you want?”

A wicked smile crossed her lips, “I want you to break the seal so I can come over there an fuck and suck every single one of you.” she replied.

The mumble returned but she caught a few phrases from it, “…she can’t lie…yea but…we have the…will it work…”

She let them go on until they had come to a decision, “And that’s all you want?” the fourth man asked.

She nodded her head and licked her lips, looking at their crotches.

The four looked at each other one last time and then broke the seal, she moved quickly towards them, pulling her tits out of her top and delivering exactly what she had promised.

Of course, as they fucked her, none of them noticed her Master rising from the ground behind them, the seal long since broken, he was free now to do as he pleased.

They had been right of course, he had to appear when summoned, but there was enough wiggle room to let him be a little late… or send someone else first.

She had one of their cocks buried deep in the throat when she heard the first scream, the sound of tearing flesh, and men begging for their lives.

She continued on anyway, she had done this many times now, and there would be many more, an eternity more in fact.