Jessica smiled as the photographer snapped a photo for the resorts promotional material and then changed poses under his direction.

She guested things could be worse, she’d starting working at the resort three years ago and had been a little hesitant in leaving home to work so far away, but the temptation to live and work in paradise was too strong.

The first two years had been… fine, she worked her way up from an events organizer and general gopher, to the VIP services team, with little trouble. It had turned out to be a great choice as she loved working with VIPs and making sure they had everything they needed.

Things had changed a year ago though when the resort had changed ownership and the new company had started making changes. They did provide excellent training material for each of the changes though, so the staff had adapted to them easily.

Jessica had always been into health and fitness, not a gym rat per se, but still fit. So at least the changes at the resort had let her combine her love of her work and fitness together. The new company had “promoted” her to VIP Fitness Instructor and she’d taken to it like a fist to water.

Being able to work out every day, for as long as she liked, had quickly transformed her from fit to fiiiiit. She’d been a little disappointed when her breasts had shrunk, but fortunately the new company’s medical plan let her fix that with a nice big set of implants.

The thing was that she was fully aware that these weren’t her real choices, that those company training materials had somehow implanted a whole new set of ideas into her head, but it wasn’t that bad really.

She did love working out now, even if that hadn’t been as true before.

She did love working with the VIP clients, even if that hadn’t involved quite so much sucking and fucking before.

Most of her VIP clients didn’t really use the gym equipment, at least per se, as they often just bent her over various pieces of it and fucked her silly.

So really, it could have been worse, after all, the VIP clients might actually have wanted to use the equipment to work out with instead!