Sandy waited in the front hallway, her displeasure not really showing on her face due to all the botox that it was filled with.

Things had certainly changed in her marriage over the last few months, it would have been her husband standing in the front hallway, tapping his foot, waiting for her to be ready to go out. Now, she never kept him waiting… for anything.

They had been married for several years, and she had thought they had an understanding. He kept her in the lifestyle she wanted, she provided the name and respect he needed.

Her family was well known, though almost completely broke, he was new money without any respect.

It had worked well until recently and she was pleased when he gifted her a two week all inclusive trip to a european private spa. The first few days were heavenly, then, less so. Things had gotten foggy at first, but when she woke up with a giant set of implants in her breasts things became crystal clear.

It hadn’t helped, they were already deep inside of her mind, and the physical changes and programming had continued for the rest of the visit.

When she returned, she had a new outlook on their relationship, she still provided him with the name and respect he needed, but now she provided him with anything else he wanted as well.

It turned out what he wanted was arm candy; fake, plastic, arm candy.

So now she spent her days living that lifestyle instead of the one she had previous. Mornings at the gym, afternoons at the salon, weekend shopping trips for new fashionable clothing.

Dyed blonde hair, lips full of filler, fake full of botox, tits full of silicone, and slutty outfits that showed it all off.

He walked into the hallway and her displeasure vanished instantly, it had never been that she had to wait for him, she did that eagerly and willingly. No, the displeasure was from being away from him.

She smiled and snuggled up beside him, taking his arm and leaning in, “Baby, where are you taking me tonight?”

“We have a red carpet charity event to go to, I expect you to be all smiles and giggles, got it?” he replied.

She nodded and giggled, smiling as best she could with her puffed up lips.

“Oh, by the way, the spa says your clear to return anytime. I’ve booked your flight for Friday.” he said matter of factly.

A shiver ran through her and her nipples hardened, “That’s great!” she replied.

She knew she would be returning, at least once more, maybe more. The programming told her her tits were no where near big enough to be a proper fake plastic piece of arm candy and she couldn’t wait until they were.