Gwen stared blankly ahead, touching the counter and sliding door to ensure she didn’t wobble from side to side like the pendant was doing.

It was silly, a pendant couldn’t “contain” her mind, but here she was, feeling like nothing was in her brain and as if she was floating infront of her own body.

Don was holding the pendant, letting it swing back and forth just a little, with a broad grin on his face.

“How you doing in there?” he asked and then used his free hand to gently flick the edge of the pendant and send it spinning around and around.

“Ooooo…” she let out in a little moan, almost able to hear it coming from her own lips behind her, but that was crazy… she wasn’t in the pendant, that was impossible.

Don let the pendant spin around and around and she became dizier and dizier, until he grabbed the pendant between his thumb and finger and stopped it instantly.

She let out a gasp and quivered as he held it firmly for a moment, and then started to gently rub it with his thumb. It felt like he was rubbing her pussy and it was driving her wild with lust.

And then he stopped. She whimpered and mewed, but he just let the pendant dangle there, doing nothing.

Finally he collected up the necklace in his fingers until the pendant was hanging just under his palm. With his other hand he retreived a small red box from his pocket and flicked it open, gently stting the pendant inside and closing it.

Her body gave one last quiver as it clicked closed and then her hands fell to her sides, her eyes closed, and her head dropped to her chest.

As the box closed she heard a faint whisper, “That body of yours is going to be very useful to me, but I have no need of your mind. Good thing they’re no longer connected, enjoy the ride.”

Gwen was in the pendant, in the box. She knew this for a fact. But she could still “see” out of her eyes, or at least she thought she could as they were still closed.

Then she “felt” fingers come in contact with her chin and lift her head upwards, her eyes finally opening to see Don still standing in front of her, the smile still on his face.

“Master!” her voice said without her bidding.

“Hello Gwen, or I should say slave. Knell and present yourself.” Don said and Gwen’s body did so.

She dropped to her knees, pushed her tits out, clasped her hands behind her back, opened her mouth ,and titled her head back.

He walked around her and inspected her, then leaned over and spoke softly into her right ear.

“I have so many more things to fill that empty head of yours with Gwen, this is just the beginning. Then, when it is so full of new thoughts they’ll be no room left for you to even ride along with your body.”

He stood up and chuckled before leaving her there, knelling, waiting, needing him to give her another order.