Nikki let the warm sun beat down on her as the boat cruised through the water, when she opened them she could see the yacht coming into view and she shivered with pleasure.

Not everything about being a convicted felon and being sentenced to 2 years of slavery was bad, she would never have been able to afford the kind of lifestyle that her owner could give her.

She was currently on her way back from “The Clinic”, where her owner had her “upgraded” to his specifications and her pussy was buzzing with excitement at the prospect of returning to him.

It had been the hardest month of her life being away from him, but the clinic had a lot of work to do, so it was unavoidable.

She’d been charged with, and convicted of, assault with a deadly weapon. Her long rap sheet hadn’t helped, and so when the offer of 2 years of slavery instead of 10 years in prison was made it was a no brainer. Not just because of the significantly reduced time, but because with the state of the current jails, suicide rates were 30%, murder rates were 40%, leaving only a 30% chance she’d even get out in the end.

She’d been on the streets since her deadbeat parents had abandoned her, and she’d fallen in with a group of anarchists that she felt at home with. It wasn’t long before she spent what little money she had on changing her appearance, a huge face tattoo on her left side, both arms covered in full sleeves, lower back and lower crotch, and one lower leg covered as well.

Her black hair had been unkempt and dirty, her teeth stained, and lots of scares over her forearms. Her dress matched as well, with lots of black ratty jeans, torn up t-shirts, and piercings all over her body.

In some ways she’d been lucky to get the offer at all, but apparently the court procurement office had seen something under all her attempts to hide it. After signing her paperwork, and having the chip installed in her head, she’d been sold off.

Richard, her owner, wasn’t a good man, he was a very bad one in fact. He’d spent the first three months in what he called the “breaking in period”.

And by “breaking” he meant breaking her. He’d left her appearance untouched for those first three months, instead fucking the living shit out of her. He’d do it at odd hours, never when she expected it, and verbally degrade and humiliate her each time. The chip in her head triggered orgasm after orgasm each time.

After the first two weeks, she was repeating many of the same things he was saying. How much of a slut she was, how much of a whore she was, how she was just fuck meat, how she loved being used and abused.

After the first month she was begging him to fuck her any way he wanted.

By the end of the second month, she knew she’d made a bad deal, she should have taken her chances in prison.

She was addicted to the orgasms that the chip brought her, eagerly participating in her own degradations and humiliation, even coming up with new ideas on how to do it.

After two years? She’d be helpless to do anything but accept whatever Richard wanted her to. Which of course meant that right after they took the chip out of her head and she signed her release papers she’d be happily signing the non-personhood papers as well. It would be the only way she’d be able to get the orgasms that she, even now, needed.

As they pulled up to Richard’s yacht she stood up and made her way over to the dock and stepped from the boat. She double checked her thong and then jostled her new impressive tits.

The clinic had remade her body to Richards specifications with advanced technology, the latest tattoo and hair removal lasers, hair growth formulas, healing gels, and a complete gym.

She’d been amazed as she watched her tattoos fade away after just a couple of sessions with the laser, and she was now hairless other than her eyebrows and the hair on the top of her head.

They’d shaved her head down to the wood, and each day had applied a salve that speed up it’s growth and changed it’s colour. Within the first week her now bleached blonde locks were down to her shoulders.

In the second week they’d installed her first set of implants, causing her tits to swell outward, but look tight and stretched. She’d been worried that she’d have huge stretch marks, but they’d applied a gel all over her tits every hour and within days, not only had her incisions healed, her skin had stretched out without a single mark.

They did a second set of implants in the third week to give her the perfect round globes that she now had plastered on her chest.

The last week at the clinic had just been touch ups, and of course the definition of her new physical fitness routine.

She climbed the couple of steps up from the dock to the main deck and she walked over to where Richard was standing, waiting for her. She smiled and took a pose, pushing her tits out, and cocking her hip to the side.

Richard nodded and walked around her, inspecting her like a piece of meat, before coming back to stand in front of her.

Without saying a word he reached out and ripper her top from her, grabbed her right tit and squeezed it hard, while slapping her left tit even harder.

“OH FUCK YES BABY! Slap your whore’s big fake tit!” she growled at him and he slapped her tit several more times causing an orgasm to come over her.

He grabbed her by the hair and dragged her into the master bedroom where he continued to use and abuse her.

Not everything about being a convicted felon and being sentenced to 2 years of slavery was bad, the orgasms were simply the best and she looked forward to each and every one of them.