Snow White looked at the wicked witch with a dumb blank look on her face, which was about the only expression she could make these days.

“Don’t you want to take another bite?” the witch asked.

Snow looked at the shiny red apple she held and wanted to say no, but knew the answer was yes.

She knew full well what the apple did, making her dumber, more inflated, and sex crazed, but she wanted it none the less. It was an addiction.

She’d been coming back to the witches cabin each week for months now, each time losing a little more of herself and watching the witch slowly grow younger and more beautiful with each bite.

Her lips quivered just the little that they could and she nodded her head.

“Then go ahead my dear, be my guest.”

She moved the apple to her full plump lips and hesitantly took a bite, feeling the magic flow through her, draining her brain and expanding her boobs.

She moaned and squirmed as pleasure coursed over her, closing her eyes her pussy twitched with need, and then it passed.

She blinked several times and opened her eyes, still looking at the apple she watched the bite slowly fill in and the skin of the apple cover it.

That was the worse part of it, she knew she would never be done taking bites of the apple.

She looked over at the witch and saw the youthful visage of the woman looking back at her, and for the first time Snow realized what was truly happening.

Staring back at Snow was her own face, or at least the face she had before taking the first bite of the apple. The witch was now the old Snow’s twin.

The witch walked over with a smile on her face and plucked the apple from Snow’s fingers, “Thank you my dear.”

The witch placed the apple on the table and then turned back to Snow, parting her dress and exposing her pussy, the witch spoke again.

“Now I haven’t had a pussy this young and fresh in a long time, be a doll and remind me how it feels to have it licked won’t you?”

Snow giggled and nodded, dropping to her knees and burying her face in the witches pussy, eagerly licking at the all too familiar taste of her own pussy.