“That ass is looking fine baby.” I said and Donna threw her hair over her shoulder and gave me a half smile as I walked up to her.

My hand gave her ass a nice firm slap and it jiggled perfectly as she closed her eyes, let her head fall backwards a bit and she let out a soft coo.

When both the coo and the jiggling stopped she opened her eyes and gave me a wide smile, “Thanks, I’ve been really working on it.” she replied.

I nodded and she face forward, spread her legs, bent over and grabbed her ankles, showing off her hard work.

I grabbed both of her ass cheeks and gave them a good hard squeeze, as I did I watched her whole body shiver in response. After letting go, she stood back up and turned to face me, a slight vacancy having come to her gaze now.

“I could… ah… show you my routine… in private if you like?” she asked with more excitement in her voice than I suspected she wanted to betray.

I nodded in agreement and she grabbed my hand and nearly dragged me to one of the private workout room. Inside was a pole, a chair, and a couch. I closed the door as I passed through it and she wasted no time in dragging me to the couch and pushing me down onto it.

A quick sway of her hips, a fast grab of her tits, and then her thumbs hooked her workout shorts and pulled them down to her ankles. She turned around, spread her legs and pushed her ass towards me so that it was in easy reach.

I grabbed one cheek, and slapped the other, “Oh god baby, slap that ass!” she cried out.

I switched hands, several times, each one eliciting another excited exclamation from her, until I simply grabbed both her ass cheeks and pulled her down onto my lap. She rubbed her ass into my crotch, eagerly pushing hard up against my rock solid dick, until she could take no more and jumped up, turned around and dropped to her knees.

My gym shorts didn’t last long under her experienced fingers, and I have to admit neither did I under her experienced lips, but we both experienced orgasms at the same time none the less.

She didn’t stay long, quickly getting her shorts on again and heading back out to the gym floor, her work on her ass was never complete, and I was sure she’d spend at least another hour at the gym before heading in to work.

Donna was one of the girls that I’d picked up from my gym, a sales rep or something for some big foutune 500 company, and a complete waste of her real talents.

The subliminal playing under the music of the gym, and on every TV and screen in the place, hadn’t taken long in corrupting her, and in just a few weeks she’d quite her job. She’d told me all about it as she’d come to completely trust me, of course.

So when I suggested I was in need of some help at my other business, the strip club located just down the street, she’d eagerly accepted my offer. Especially since almost all of the other members of the gym worked there too and they’d been telling her all about how much fun they had at their jobs.

My phone chimed and I looked at a new e-mail, an application for a membership to the gym. A smile crossed my face, the only membership applications I received were from references from current members, which meant one of the girls had found someone they thought would fit in well at the club.

I stood up and pulled my shorts on, then headed back to my office. I had a pretty full staff at the club these days, but I never turned down a new possibility. Tammy had a high value regular that had been suggesting he’d like her in an exclusive way. Doug, a friend in the porn industry had been bugging me for months to let him have Rose.

And well, I had to admit, I was finding I had a little bit of a soft spot for Donna myself. I could always move her into the gym as a staff member, or trainer. Or I could just move her into my house, and have that nearly perfect ass at my beck and call.

I smiled and made a mental note to give Jim, the manager at my strip club, a call and see if there were any other opportunities for some of the girls, he had his ear to the ground for such situations, then I could decide.