“Oh god, please, no, not again…” Jessi half moaned, half whined as she grabbed her head and closed her eyes.

He was slipping in between her thoughts again, he was going to make another change to her, and she didn’t know if she could take it.

“I… I can’t lose any more weight… already spend hours a day at the gym…” she half whined as the pleasure of him rummaging in her head sent shivers of pleasure through her.

“Got… got the implants… nipples always hard…” she continued.

“Horny… so horny… all the time… can’t get enough of your cock already baby…” she trailed off as the pleasure consumed her.

He’d changed all of those things about her over the last few months. She had been a militant lesbian, flat as a board, with short cropped hair and baggy clothing.

Her girlfriend Tammy had been the hottest blonde she knew, big tits, a nice bubble butt, and a tongue that could lick her pussy like no one else.

Tammy was currently between his legs sucking his cock far more eagerly than she had ever licked Jessi’s pussy.

She could feel the pleasure Tammy was taking from the act, pushed into her mind even as he fiddled around inside of it.

It took Tammy a while to bring him to orgasm, but when she did Tammy came too and it flowed into Jessi like a tsunami and she came as well.

When she recovered he was gone, Tammy was too, but a single thought remained in Jessie’s head… she needed to get her lips done so she could suck cock better than Tammy did.

Big, thick, cocksucking lips… yes, that’s what she needed, most definitely.