House Bound 2 – Playing Doctor

by TheHandsThatLead, copyright (c) 2021

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SYNOPSIS: Dr. Jill Mayer is on her way to meet with powerful Senator Dunnest in her home state on important women’s issues, will a stop over at a bed and breakfast with her daughter and a friend be a problem?


  • This story is a work of fiction; any apparent resemblance between the characters in this story and any actual persons living or dead is purely coincidental and unintentional.
  • Do not read this story if you are under the age of 18 or if explicit sexual fiction is illegal in your jurisdiction.
  • This story contains mind control and explicit descriptions of a sexual nature. If any of these concepts disturb you, please find something else to read.


You’ll probably want to read House Bound before you read this one, there is some background in it that will make some of this make more sense.

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Chapter 1 – Arrival

Jill tucked the unruly strand of blonde hair behind her ear for what seemed like the millionth time and frowned as she peered into the rear-view mirror of her car. The frown wasn’t for the light grey roots that were showing in many places in her otherwise stunning head of blonde hair, it was the reflection of her daughter’s friend Tabitha sprawled out in the back seat of her SUV as she had been since they left, that was the source of her scorn.

Her eyes flicked back to the road as she drove her large black truck through the back roads, then over to Claire, who was obliviously scrolling through her phone, as Jill let out an almost inaudible sigh. The three of them had been on the road for hours and only a few perfunctionary words had been spoken between them.

It wasn’t that Jill disliked Tabitha, quite the opposite, the small asian woman was a more than competent anesthesiologist and a great friend to Claire as well. Tabitha and Claire had attended medical school together and graduated just last year, with both of them joining Jill’s practice afterwards for their internships.

No, Jill was upset at her presence because this trip was supposed to be an excuse to bond with her daughter now that she was an adult and, hopefully, had outgrown her childish resentments towards her mother.

Jill mentally corrected herself, they weren’t childish, they were valid even if Jill didn’t like to admit it. Having Claire so young had been a mistake, a high school indiscretion that had resulted in Jill becoming a single mother well before she understood what that entailed.

When her father had bailed shortly after Claire’s birth, realizing how much responsibility a small child was, it had left Jill in an even worse position. The only saving grace were her grandparents, who she’d lived with since she was a small child when her drug-addicted parents had left for the west coast and never returned.

Her family had come from old money, and their name was well known in all the right circles. So while her grandparents and a gaggle of nannies had raised Claire, Jill had been free to finish high school and go to medical school as well. Unfortunately, this left little time for Jill to properly bond with Claire and a chasm had formed between them.

In all honesty, Jill had been surprised when Claire had followed in her footsteps and applied to medical school, and Jill had even tried to steer her away from it because of the long hours and hard work. But that only seemed to solidify Claire’s desire, and like Jill, had cruised through the MCATs and graduated medical school near the top of her class.

Jill had thought that this trip would be a good way to try and start repairing the damage their relationship had suffered over the years. Even after graduating medical school, Jill had spent nearly all her time and energy on starting her own practice.

Which had been another point of contention with her daughter, while Claire understood why plastic surgery was needed, she seemed… disappointed, that Jill had decided to specialize in clientele that had work done for purely aesthetic reasons. Well, that wasn’t entirely correct, after all, Claire had followed in her footsteps as well, but she still held on to a naive belief that she’d only do operations on those that needed it for medical reasons, like reconstruction and such.

Jill had never been that nieve, she was happy to supply whatever plastic surgery choices she could to her clients, as long as they weren’t abusing them, and built her practice on catering to the wealthy and famous.

Which brought in advantages of its own. Like being able to influence some of the most powerful people in the country simply by knowing the “right” people. And this was reason for the trip she was on at the moment with Claire and Tabitha.

When Jill had opened her practice, she knew she couldn’t do it in the rural state that she had grown up in, instead she had moved three states away to one of the largest cities on the east coast where she could find clients easily. This move had brought more than just clients to Jill though, it had brought new ideas as well… especially with respect to abortion.

Something she had never even considered when she had been pregnant with Claire, Jill now knew access to safe and convenient medical abortions was key to liberating women all across the country, and all around the world. As such, she’d been quietly campaigning on the issue in the background for years, but with the new senator in her home state making noise about voting for a federal ban on abortions once more, it was time to be more forward.

She’d had to fight hard and call in several favours to get the appointment with Senator Dunnest, and it was farther out than she had wanted, but in the end she had it, and that was the most important thing. It was only after going over her schedule leading up to the meeting that she realized she had some spare time beforehand as the surgical suite at the clinic was undergoing upgrades, and the idea of a road trip with Claire had popped into her head.

Claire had eagerly agreed to come along, after all, it was exactly the kind of thing she wanted to fight for as well, and so it had been agreed. It was only the next day when Clair had popped back in to see if Tabitha could come along as well.

Jill had considered it for only a second, balancing the pros and cons, trying to think of an easy way to say no, but the look on Claire’s face told her that this point wasn’t negotiable and so she’d agreed.

If they had just driven directly to the Senator’s office, it would only have been a 10 or 12-hour drive, but instead Jill had planned out a sweeping arc, covering half of the Midwest, that would take them the full two weeks to arrive.

And so, here they were, hours in and driving down a back road in the middle of nowhere, expecting to see a farmer in overalls and a straw hat riding an old tractor down the road at any moment. Well, at least Jill would have seen him, Claire and Tabitha still had their noses buried in their phones.

“Hey, I’ve got no signal!” Claire said as she finally looked up from her phone and towards Jill, only to frown and then turn to Tabitha, Claire’s long blonde hair showing no signs of grey whatsoever.

“Yeah, me too.” Tabitha replied as she pushed her glasses up her nose, and much like Jill had a few minutes ago, pushed some of her long, loose black hair over an ear.

Jill rolled her eyes, they were both 27 years old and still couldn’t take their eyes off of their toys for even a moment.

“Well don’t worry, we should be at the Bed and Breakfast I booked us in to for 2 days any moment now and I’m sure they’ll have wifi… in fact…” Jill said and the other two looked forward and Jill pointed over her steering wheel towards the large sign that read:

Bucks Ferry Bed and Breakfast
Upscale dining and lodging

Chapter 2 – Check-In

Claire just glared at the man for a moment and raised an eyebrow, then in a voice dripping with venom said, “What do you mean you don’t have wifi?”

The old man chuckled as he stood in the well-appointed main dining room which doubled as the B&B’s reception area.

“I’m sorry Miss, we’re a little backwards around here about such things. We prefer a more traditional experience here in Buck’s Ferry.” he said, pulling down the vest of his three piece suit with a little tug.

Claire just stared at… Dave? Was that the name he’d given them? Yes, she was sure it was Dave, though he didn’t look like a Dave to her. More like a Cecile or Eugene if she was honest, some name from long ago, certainly not something as simple as… Dave.

“Shit! I still can’t get any signal!” Tabitha spat out as she shook her phone in disgust.

“I am sorry about that as well, but there’s just something about the surrounding area that interferes with cell phones, high-speed internet, and just about any other modern contraption.” he said, holding his hands up beside him and shrugging his shoulders, undoing his tug on his vest in one swift motion.

Jill on the other hand had a smile across her face from ear to ear. Claire rolled her eyes knowing exactly what that smile was for, no more hiding from conversations by burying her head in her phone. Claire let out an almost inaudible sigh before forcing a smile onto her face and turning to her mother, “Well Jill, I guess we’re going to have a nice couple of days here!”

Claire tried to not let sarcasm seep into her voice, but she doubted her mother had missed the tinge that must have been there. It was the barely noticed wince at the sound of her name though that Claire knew was far worse.

She and her mother had never been close, and Jill seemed to think that was a bad thing now. She hadn’t for the dozen years and more she’d spent going to school, interning, practising and eventually setting up her own practice. But now that Claire had graduated, Jill had changed her mind and had been trying desperately to get into Claire’s good graces.

It wasn’t working, and honestly Claire had no need for it. As much as Jill had ignored her throughout her formative years, in the end, Claire was very happy with how things had turned out. Jill had taught her important lessons through those years and she had applied them to her life, if slightly differently than Jill had.

Claire was always sociable with her mother, never bad-mouthing her or outright denying her a relationship, it was just a nice easy relationship that floated along the surface, never dipping beneath into the depths.

In a strange way, Claire did look up to Jill in many ways. Jill was smart, determined, independent, successful, and had a vision of what she wanted to do.

Claire too had these things, it was only the destination the two women chose that were different.

Jill wanted to change the world by changing the laws that governed everyone, Claire just wanted to change the lives of individuals for the better.

Both were commendable, but they did leave a big divide between the two of them. When Jill had suggested the road trip, her first reaction had been to say no, which she had successfully hidden from Jill. Once Jill explained the why of the trip, well, she couldn’t refuse and had excitedly agreed to it.

She had chided herself a few hours after saying yes for not being fast enough to insert Tabitha into the trip, but well, Claire wasn’t perfect and it was an easy enough conversation the next day.

Tabitha had been a different story though, with Claire having to literally get down on her knees and beg Tabitha to agree to the trip. The two of them had been friends since university, and like Claire, Tabitha wasn’t a “road trip kinda girl” as she had put it. Eventually though she gave in and the plans were set.

“If you’d like to follow me I can show you to your rooms…” Dave said as he waved his hand towards the ornate staircase by the front door and the three doctors walked in front of him and up the stairs.

Tabitha jumped up onto the four-post bed and fell back on the soft comforter and smiled. Sure there was no Internet, but by god this place was amazing for being in the middle of nowhere!

Upscale lodging indeed!

The room was elegant, modern, with just a hint of Japanese styling. Not something she would have expected in a small town called Bucks Ferry, no, more like in a downtown penthouse of a skyscraper.

She closed her eyes and took in a deep breath, the slightest hint of incense filling her nostrils, reminding her of growing up at home. She managed to drag herself out of the pleasant memory and sit upright, then push herself off the tall bed and land on her feet. At 5′ 1″ the bed was almost too tall for her to get up and on to, but it wasn’t the first time she’d had that kind of problem, so she was sure she’d manage.

She ran her fingers along the comforter and then up the dark wood of the post, before turning towards the window and walking to it. She looked out over the rolling hills of green grass and dark forests and wrinkled her nose.

Who in their right mind would want to live this close to… nature?

Fortunately the large pool caught her attention, which lead over to the large, renovated barn that looked to be some kind of modern spa painted in earthy tones, and finally to the second outbuilding that was constructed of cement block and painted bright white.

A quick check of her watch told her she had at least an hour before the 8 pm dinner would be served and so she grabbed her bag, opened it up, and pulled out her swimsuit and towel before changing and heading down to the pool for a swim.

Jill heard the hurried footsteps of Tabitha pass by her doorway, and just a fleeting view of the end of a towel, as she unpacked her toiletries and prepared for the night.

Her room was nice, if a little ‘old’ for her tastes, though she could imagine many mothers with a 27-year-old daughter feeling right at home in it. It was maybe a decade out of date, the accent wall having not aged well, the bright solid colours doing nothing to enhance the space, and the furniture showing slight signs of wear and tear on it.

Jill was just a little different than those mothers, with such a small age gap between Claire and her, along with her own intimate knowledge of health and beauty, well, even Claire admitted they looked more like sisters than mother/daughter.

Which was another part of the problem with their relationship, Claire just didn’t see Jill as a mother figure and now that they worked together as well, that didn’t look to change any time soon.

Jill decided to take the opportunity of Tabitha running down to the pool to see what Claire was up to and headed towards the hallway.

Chapter 3 – Good Morning?

Jill looked at Fifi, the serving girl, and rolled her eyes. Fifi was wearing a tight black dress, styled as a french maid, but made of the finest materials and even with its overtly sexual nature, looked classy and refined.

Fifi set the breakfast plate in front of Jill and Jill nodded in acknowledgement. Across the table Claire was seated, but Jill was trying to avoid making eye contact with her. Last night, when Tabitha had gone to the pool, Jill had tried once more to kindle a mother-daughter relationship and failed miserably.

The two of them had ended up arguing for almost an hour, until Tabitha returned and all three headed back to their respective rooms for the night. Jill had spent several hours before falling asleep, trying to figure out what had gone wrong, where she had made a mistake in her approach, but for the life of her, she had no idea.

Fifi moved around the table quickly and placed similar plates in front of Claire and Tabitha and was just about to leave when Dave walked into the room.

“I’m sorry to disturb your breakfast, but I’m afraid I need Fifi for a bit, there’s been an accident in the spa.”

“Is anyone injured? All three of us are doctors…” Jill said, waving her hand around the table.

“Truly? That’s quite amazing. But, no, it’s nothing serious and Fifi is a registered nurse and will be able to handle it I’m sure. If she needs any further help I’ll come and get one of you though.”

Jill raised an eyebrow at the revelation that Fifi was a registered nurse, why would she be working at a small B&B like this, no matter how well it paid, instead of at a hospital or private practice?

Before she could ask, Dave and Fifi left the room and headed outside towards the spa.

Without thinking, Jill looked over at Claire and could see the confusion on her face as well, at least for a moment until they made eye contact and a scowl crossed her face once more.

Tabitha was the first to break the silence, “So how did you two sleep last night?” she asked in an unsure voice.

Jill was about to respond when Claire spoke up, “It was strangely… satisfying?”

Jill watched Tabitha blush as Jill’s own memories of the night came back to her. After turning in she’d tossed and turned for quite a while before drifting off to erotic dreams of some kind that she couldn’t quite remember.

“Yes… I would say satisfying is one way to put it.” Jill said before picking a slice of fresh fruit off her plate and biting into it.

The three of them said nothing else for the rest of the meal.

Tabitha blushed at Claire’s description of the previous night’s sleep and couldn’t agree less with her friend. She had tossed and turned all night, drifting off for an hour or two, but always right into another masturbatory dream that was completely wrong.

At least she felt they were wrong, as the details always slipped between her fingers when she woke up in cold sweats, coming down from an orgasm each time.

She hadn’t cum that many times in a single night, well, ever. And even with how little sleep she did get, she hadn’t felt tired in the slightest when her alarm had gone off. Perhaps it was the energy from the night before when she’d come up to find Jill and Claire fighting… yet again, that fuelled her restless night.

Or perhaps not, she hadn’t had a boyfriend for a few months as well and she was getting “that itch” again. It was one of the reasons she hadn’t really wanted to come along on this trip with Claire, but only a small part of it.

The real reason was that she knew Claire would try and put her between Jill and her, in an attempt to avoid the elephant in the room. Tabitha might have been a little bit more understanding, but it was hard when she looked up to Jill as much as she did.

Not only had Jill hired her directly out of med school, but the woman had clawed her way up from teen pregnancy all the way to having her own very successful cosmetic surgery practice. Tabitha tried to learn as much as she could from Jill whenever she could, and getting in the middle of the family drama would not help that in the slightest.

In the end though, her friendship with Claire was too important and so she’d agreed to come along and just hoped she could navigate the disaster without taking too much damage to herself.

Wanting to avoid any more conflict, Tabitha finished her breakfast as quickly as she could and headed out towards the pool, but instead found her gaze drawn towards the renovated barn and headed towards the spa instead.

She walked by the single-story cinder block building, painted bright white, on her way but saw no obvious indications for what it was for. So she continued on and headed up to the main entrance of the spa and walked inside.

The reception was on the small side, a receptionist behind a desk and a few comfortable-looking chairs in front of them.

“Hello, how may I help you?” the blonde woman behind the desk ask in a chipper voice and with a smile across her bright red lips.

“Hi… ugh… I just thought I’d come and check the place out.” Tabitha replied.

“Of course, here, take a brochure of our services…” the woman said and held out a tri-fold brochure.

Tabitha smiled back and took it from her before walking over to one of the chairs and sitting down in it. She had been right, the chair was very comfortable.

She opened the brochure and found a series of pretty standard services; facials, massages, mud baths, hydrotherapy, etc. Along with a few that surprised her; a full beauty salon, and a “coming soon” cosmetic clinic.

Tabitha subconsciously cracked her neck, tilting her head to the side, and then smiled and turned her head back to the receptionist, “Can I book a massage?”

“Of course, the spa is here for the guests. Let call the masseuse and get you right in.”

Claire watched Tabitha head over to the spa and almost followed along, but decided against it at the last moment. She kind of felt bad for forcing her friend to come along and be the referee between Claire and Jill, giving her some alone time at the spa seemed the least she could do.

Claire looked over at the pool, and then the field beyond it with a few horses in it and sighed, she’d never been an “outdoorsy” kind of person and so she decided to investigate the only other building she could see, and which her eyes had been drawn too since they arrived last night.

Walking up to the squat cement brick building, everything looked to be in impeccable condition. The grass around the building was meticulously maintained, the bright white walls were pristine, and the few windows she saw had curtains in them.

She walked along the stone walkway that lead to the front door and turned the doorknob when she arrived. It refused to budge and was obviously locked, stepping off the walkway, she went over to one of the windows and cupped her hands against the glass to see if she could peer into the building, but only darkness greeted her.

“Hello there Miss, is there anything I can help you with?” the old man’s voice asked from just behind her and Claire jumped at being startled.

“Oh! Oh, I’m sorry, I was just curious about this place.” she said as she turned around to face Dave.

“Ah, yes, well the clinic isn’t open yet I’m afraid.” he replied.

“Clinic?” Claire responded with intrigue.

“Yes, I’ve been growing my little B&B over the years and the spa had become quite popular with a certain… high-end crowd. Several have suggested that a cosmetic surgery clinic would be a perfect addition and so I’ve been building this.” Dave replied, waving his hands at the building they stood beside.

“Really? Fascinating. You know Tabitha, Jill and I are all doctors in a cosmetic surgery practice, what are the chances?”

“Astonishingly small I would guess.” Dave replied with a knowing smile that concerned Claire for a moment before he smiled broadly again and it vanished, “I don’t suppose you’d like to take a look inside, see how my little country clinic stacks up against a big city one?”

Claire had a hard time containing her excitement, but managed to nod only twice and not grin from ear to ear. By the time Dave had unlocked the front door to the clinic, she’d lost that battle and felt like her face might crack open at the sheer breadth of her smile.

“Jill, you have to see this clinic they have here… it’s got everything!” Claire said as Jill smiled at her daughter sitting across from her in the spa’s reception.

Jill hadn’t seen Claire this excited for something in, well, a long time. She’d been talking since the two of them had met outside the B&B mid-morning and decided to go to the spa together in the afternoon.

Jill was a little skeptical of course, if half of what Claire had said was true it would be the best-stocked clinic for 200 miles, rivalling even her own clinic back in the city. Of course she also so no reason for Claire to lie to her, especially about something so easy to validate.

Jill made a mental note to take her daughter up on the offer to “check it out” after the spa.

Chapter 4 – Sweet Dreams

Jill tossed and turned in her bed, the sweat pouring off of her skin and being absorbed by the sheets as her dreams spiralled around in her mind.

“No… no… I… I won’t be… replaced…” her ragged voice said softly to her otherwise empty room.

Inside the dream Jill was sitting behind her desk in her office, Claire was standing in front of her along with Tabitha, both cruelly smiling down at her.

“Don’t think of it as being replaced Jill… think of it as being past your usefulness. I mean, you can’t expect a cosmetic surgery practice to have an old hag like you at its helm.” dream Claire said, almost spitting the last words out at her.

Jill turned and looked at the mirror mounted onto the side of her desk, she wasn’t an old hag… but the reflection told a different story. Her hair was grey and dull, her eyes saggy and tired, her lips thin and cracked, her skin dull and wrinkled.

Jill looked back at her daughter with pleading in her eyes, “Please… I…”

Tabitha rolled her eyes, “Such a waste too, all you had to do was let Claire work on you before it was too late… oh well. At least Claire won’t make such a foolish choice, the practice will be so much better off with her in charge now.”

Jill shook her head from side to side, trying to block out the cackles of laughter coming from Claire and Tabitha, but failing miserably.

Tabitha straddled the man sitting in the front seat of the SUV, he was naked just like her. Well almost like her, she had a black chauffeurs cap on a pair of white gloves as well along with her glasses, but she was naked beside that. The other difference was that she couldn’t make out his face, not a single detail, not even the colour of his eyes.

It didn’t matter though, his cock was buried deep inside of her and his hands were on her hips, guiding her up and down as she bounced on his lap.

“Oh god! Oh god! Yes! YES!” she cried out as her mid c cup breasts bounced up and down just slightly out of sync with the rest of her body.

She placed her glove-covered hands on his chest and pushed herself all the way down onto his shaft, then wiggled her hips back and forth as she smiled, “Mmmmm… you’ve got my engine running so hot! I love it! I love it!”

A moment later she felt him stiffen inside of her and fill her with his seed, her own orgasm instantly cresting as her head flew back and she cried out in pleasure.

Tabitha shot bolt upright in bed, her fingers still deep in her pussy as she gasped for air before falling back onto the bed and let out a heavy sigh. The memory of the dream already fading away, but the pleasure of her orgasm remaining.

“I’m a failure, just a pale shadow of you’re success… is that what you want to hear!?!” Clair shouted at her mother as she stood in Jill’s office, Jill calmly and sternly seated behind the desk.

“Oh, I know that already dear. You’ve been a disappointment since the day you came into this world and nothing has changed.” the cold, calculating voice of Claire’s mother replied and Claire almost broke.

“In fact, I don’t even know why you try. I mean you’re never going to be as good as a surgeon as I am. You’re never going to be as successful as I am. You’re never going to be as important as I am.”

“I… I will!” Claire shot back, but with no force behind the words.

“Oh there you go again dear, deluding yourself once more.” Jill replied, shaking her head from side to side, “Why not just admit you’re a poor excuse for a woman, little more than a girl that needs to be told what to do and say. It would be so much easier.”

Claire’s whole body shook with anger and fear; anger that her mother would say such horrid words to her, fear that they were true.

“In fact, if you do admit it, I’ll spend all my time and energy making sure that you never have to worry about things like responsibility and work ever again.”

Claire screamed as she almost fell out of bed, shaking with cold sweats as she tried to understand what was going on, but her memory of the dream was a muddled mess. She gave up soon enough and headed to the bathroom to freshen up before returning to bed.

Chapter 5 – Extended Stay

Jill sat nervously across from Claire at breakfast, playing with her food, trying to figure out how to broach the subject that was on the tip of her tongue.

Before she could Claire spoke up, “Do you know where Tabitha is?”

Jill gave a half-smile before answering, “She was down just before you… said something about needing something in the car.”

“Oh, ok.” Claire replied and Jill hesitated for a few moments before speaking again.

“Uh… Claire, can I talk to you about something?”

A frown crossed Claire’s face, “It’s not that… I mean… something on a professional level…”

“Sure, I guess so Mother.”

Jill almost fell off her seat at hearing Claire call her mother, even in the half sarcastic tone she had used. Jill couldn’t remember the last time the word had left her daughter’s lips, at least in relation to herself.

“So?” Claire asked after a few seconds of no response from Jill.

“Oh, ah, I was thinking of getting some cosmetic procedures done… you know, I’m not getting any younger…” Jill said as she subconsciously ran her fingers over the grey roots of her hair.

Claire raised an eyebrow, but paused for a moment before replying, “Well, I mean we see clients all the time your age wanting a few nip-tucks, etc. I don’t see why you wouldn’t get them done too.”

Jill nodded, “Well, I was thinking, since we have a few days and you were completely right about the clinic Dave has built, maybe you could do them for me here?”

Jill tried to read Claire’s face at the suggestion, but got nothing from it until she spoke, “I suppose so. I mean Tabitha can be the anesthesiologist for us, but we’d need a nurse still…” Claire replied with doubt in her voice.

“Dave did say that Fifi was a registered nurse…”

“We’d have to ask Dave… and we’d have to extend our stay for a few days…” the doubt alleviating only slightly.

“I saw him this morning… he said he’d appreciate any feedback for the clinic and had no issue extending our stay as long as we’d like.”

“Really… you talked to Dave this morning… sounds like I don’t really have any say in this at all.” Claire said, her shoulders slumping in resignation at the end.

“Well, I am going to have the procedures done, so it’s just a matter of if it’s here, by you, or somewhere else by someone else.”

“I presume you’ve already talked to Tabitha and Fifi then?”

Jill smiled and nodded as Claire rolled her eyes.

“Fine… Whatever you want mother… as always.”

Tabitha sat in the front seat of the SUV and looked towards the B&B, her fingers between her legs and in her pants as she tried to show no outwards signs that she was masturbating.

When Jill had told Tabitha her plans that morning, she’d found it hard to not run directly to the SUV on the spot. It wasn’t like that hadn’t been Tabitha’s plan all along of course, just that the thought of Jill going under the knife gave it an extra urgency she hadn’t known it would beforehand.

Her fingers plunged deep into her pussy and she let out a moan, closing her eyes and biting her lower lip. A quick intake of air through her nostrils was too much and she parted her lips and cried out as she came.

Claire sat across from Fifi at the dining room table as the other woman smiled at her, “And you’ve done surgical nursing?”

“Oui madame, trois years en France.” she replied, pushing her resume across the table to Claire.

Claire had to admit it was impressive, the woman was in the country on a visa that the B&B had secured for her so that she could work in the clinic when it opened. Several delays and pushed it back and needing to do some job around the B&B to maintain her status, she had started to work as the maid and cook.

Claire had already talked to Tabitha, and Jill was already in the clinic getting things ready so everything was on track to do her mother’s procedures that afternoon.

“Alright Fifi, I’m satisfied with your qualifications, be at the clinic and ready to go for 1 pm.”

“Oui madame!” Fifi replied and then quickly stood up and headed towards the kitchen, leaving Clair alone in the dining room.

Spread across the table was a series of papers the described in detail the procedures she was performing on her mother and she was still having a hard time taking it all in.

Claire snapped the bloodied latex glove from her hand, encapsulating the first one inside of it and then tossed both into the disposal bin near the entrance to the OR.

“Ok everyone, good work.” Claire said to Fifi and Tabitha as they both worked to finish up with her unconscious mother.

They both nodded in her direction and she walked out of the OR to get cleaned up. Taking her smock off and disposing of it as well, she headed over to the sink and started to wash up, she paused after lathering for a moment as her hands shook uncontrollably.

She grabbed the sides of the sink to steady herself, she could hardly believe she’d pulled it off. She had been a nervous wreck going into the surgery, only finding her confidence after the first incision, and then it was like she was a completely different person.

Now that it was over, her nerves were shot and she almost wanted to curl up into a ball and cry. Instead, she forced herself to finish washing up, reminding herself that she wasn’t going to have to do this again any time soon.

Jill flickered her eyes open to see Claire looking down at her and tried to smile.

“Everything is alright mother, the procedures went well.” Claire said as she held her hand and Jill tried to clear the cobwebs from her mind.

Jill had seen people come out of anesthetic many times, but it was strange experiencing it for herself.

Jill nodded and took a deep breath, “Would you like some water?” Claire asked.

Jill nodded once more and Jill brought an ice shaving to her lips and set it gently down, there was some swelling, as expected, and the ice felt good. By the time it melted, another shaving had replaced it. After a few more Jill shook her head and Claire stopped.

“Alright, why don’t you get some rest, I’ll stay here and keep a watch over you.” Claire said.

Jill would have frowned, but at the moment that was impossible so instead she gently rocked her head from side to side. Claire looked confused for a moment until Jill managed to get Fifi’s name out from between her lips.

There was no point in Claire staying all night, Fifi was a perfectly competent nurse and Claire would need her rest.

Jill didn’t notice the flash of emotion in Claire’s face, but knew something was amiss when Claire turned and gate a curt “fine mother” in response.

Claire couldn’t believe her mother would want Fifi over herself to stay with her, but then again, what had she expected?

It wasn’t like she’d just literally had the woman’s life in her hands or anything!

Claire slammed the clinic door behind her as she stomped her way across the yard to the B&B, she could at least have some dinner and get a good night’s sleep even if her mother didn’t want her.

If doctors made the worst patients, then Tabitha could only imagine how bad it was when they were your mother as well.

At the moment it looked like Claire was taking that frustration out on the ground as she pounded her way across the span of grass between the clinic building and the main B&B. Tabitha wasn’t entirely sure the heat from the glare of Claire’s stare wouldn’t burn the place down, but no flames appeared either.

For Tabitha’s part, once she’d finished up the surgery, she’d intended to visit the spa, but when she went to get her things from the locker she’d placed them in, she opened the wrong one by accident and was greeted with a treasure her fingers couldn’t help but touch.

The dark, soft material of the jacket, skirt and cap called out to her and she’d hesitated for only a moment before finding her own locker and then returning and taking them as well. When she arrived at the SUV, she’d quickly gotten into the back seat, made sure no one was watching and changed into her find before crawling into the front seat.

It was a little weird even now as she watched Claire open the front door of the B&B and disappear inside. She’d been there for at least an hour, masturbating, with several people from the spa going past her, but not a single one of them noticed.

Part of that might have been how small she looked sitting in the front seat of the large SUV, but even so, the half-open jacket that exposed one of her c cup breasts should have been a giveaway, if not one of her legs propped up on the dash as her fingers pushed up the matching black pleated skirt.

Still, in some ways it didn’t matter, she’d orgasmed several times and even now as she sat there, she could still feel the pleasure from her last one rolling over her. She managed to push herself upright in the seat and re-button the front of the jacket with the full intent of hoping in the back and changing again, when she noticed the bulges in the pockets of the jacket and fished her fingers inside.

She instantly knew what it was just from the feeling, and when she pulled her fingers out, the two white gloves that followed sent her slipping deep down into the seat with a moan.

Chapter 6 – Dream Theatre

To Jill’s surprise, she found sleep easy to find, even with the discomfort she felt from her procedures earlier that day. But sleep brought dreams and once again they were filled with strange ideas that had never entered her mind before.

“That’s… that’s not what I wanted…” Jill whispered as Fifi sat beside her in her recovery room.

“Well what you wanted and what you got are two different things!” Claire yelled at her as she waved her hand at Jill’s chest.

“How am I supposed to compete with those things!?!” Claire asked, now pointing out her own chest. The difference was obvious, while Claire’s D cups were impressively buoyant for natural ones, Jill’s breasts stuffed with 800cc of silicone made them look tiny and droopy in comparison.

“You aren’t supposed to be competing with your own daughter mom!”

“But… but that’s not what I wanted Claire… I just wanted to…”

“Outshine me again! I know! Gawd, why can’t you just be my mom and want what’s best for me for once?!? No, wait, don’t answer that!” Claire said exasperatedly.

“It’s not so bad Claire…” Tabitha said, “I mean, she can at least always fix you up too.”

Claire shook her head and gave a snort, “Yeah, sure, I guess. I just get the leftovers as always…”

“Yes! Yes! You fuck Tabi! You fuck Tabi hard!” Tabitha cried out in her dream as the man stood behind her, her hands on the hood of the SUV, his hands on her hips and his cock deep inside of her.

It was pitch-black out, but the lights of the SUV illuminated the surrounding area, still, not a single wave of light hit his face. Not that Tabitha would have known at that instant anyway, her face was pointed straight ahead at the steering wheel as it peaked above the dashboard and all she could do was focus on the partial reflection of her own image in the windshield.

But that was enough, she was wearing her cap and jacket, her hands covered by the white gloves and she knew her shift was up around her hips, being held in place by the man.

“God Tabi loves to fuck! Tabi loves to suck!”

His hand grabbed her long black hair and pulled her back, impaling her on his shaft and then she felt him cum inside of her and her own body spasamed from the orgasm the crashed over her.

“Mom, please, I’m begging you!” Claire said as she stood across from her mother, desperation in her eyes.

“And why should I?”

“But… but you promised…”

Jill rolled her eyes and shook her head, “A promise to a child who doesn’t understand what it really means. I have no qualms ignoring that promise.”

“But mom! It… it’s not fair! It’s just one procedure… I did more for you…”

“And I’m lucky you didn’t mess it up, what was I thinking?!?”

Jill stood up from her desk and walked around to the front where Claire was standing. With a cold analytical eye, Jill reached out and took Claire’s chin in her hand and manoeuvred Claire’s head from side to side.

“Well… at least there’s something to work with there.” Jill said and then reached down and grabbed ahold of her daughter’s chest, before continuing down to her waist and then her hips.

“And the overall package is in good condition.” Jill said and then put a hand on Claire’s shoulder and pushed her down into the seat that was just behind her.

“Alright young lady, here’s how it’s going to be.” Jill said as she looked down sternly at Claire.

“You’re going to do what I say, how I say, no questions. I’ll draw up the plan for the procedures and you’ll sign off without any muss or fuss. Got it.” Jill said, waving a stern finger in her face.

Claire couldn’t hide the smile forming across her face and she nodded, “Yes mom.”

Claire moaned so loudly she woke herself up just in time for her fingers to bring her to orgasm and the dream to fade from her.

Chapter 7 – Second Time

Jill blinked awake and smiled, she felt great! She looked over to see Fifi still sitting in the chair beside Jill’s bed and the nurse smiled at her.

“Ow are we today?” Fifi asked.

“I’m feeling great!” Jill replied and then realized that all of her bandages had been removed at some point during the night. Her hand immediately jumped up to her chest and she let out a moan as soon as they came in contact with her new tits.

“Oh god, these feel amazing!”

“Oui oui, zey look amazing az well!” Fifi replied and Jill noticed that her sheets had fallen down and she was now sitting naked in her bed with the top half of her body exposed. For some reason her nipples hardened instantly at the idea and she didn’t try to cover herself.

Instead she looked at Fifi and said “thanks” before blushing a little.

“Uhm, can I get a mirror?” Jill asked of Fifi and the nurse nodded before walking over to a table and retrieving a handheld mirror and passing it to her.

The reflection in it was nothing like what she had expected. There was no bruising or swelling, her hair wasn’t matted with antiseptic gel, there were no staples from the brow lift, in fact if she hadn’t known better, she would have said she had never had surgery at all.

She turned to Fifi and smiled again before handing the mirror back, “I can’t believe it! I look at least 10 years younger!”

“Oui madame.”

Something in the back of Jill’s mind was uneasy about what was happening, but her joy in the work her daughter had done pushed it out of her mind and she instead nearly jumped out of bed to get to the bathroom and return to the B&B to get ready for the rest of the day.

Claire watched her mother walk down the stairs of the B&B and smiled as she did so, “Morning Mom!” she called out as she arrived at the bottom of them.

Jill smiled back, “Morning honey, how are you today?”

“I’m good Mom, how about you? Fully recovered now?”

As soon as she’d said the words they had felt wrong, hadn’t Claire just operated on her mom the day before? Wouldn’t she need days in recovery and at least a week before she was walking without pain?

“Absolutely! You did an amazing job dear, I can’t believe it!”

The enthusiasm in her mother’s voice caught Claire by surprise and broke her train of thought, so she smiled even more before replying.

“That’s great Mom!”

Jill nodded and then turned to the empty seat beside Claire, “No Tabitha this morning?”

“Nope, but I did catch sight of her on my way downstairs heading towards the SUV, so I guess that’s where she is.”

“Well that’s nice I guess.” Jill said as she sat down Dave brought a breakfast plate out to her.

“Thank you Dave.” Jill said and Dave just nodded and returned to the kitchen.

Breakfast went smoothly until near the end.

“So dear, what are we up to today? Want to get a massage at the spa?” Jill asked.

Claire bit her lower lip and lowered her head a bit, “I… well… I was thinking…” she sputtered out.

“Come on now Claire, spit it out.”

“Well, since you had such great results…” Claire said, wave in her mother’s general direction, “That may be… you know… maybe I should have a procedure while we’re here…” her voice trembling just a little.

“Oh dear, you’re too young to need that.” Jill said dismissively and wave her hand in Claire’s direction.

“Well… yeah… but… like… I want it…” she said hesitantly as her head lowered even more.

Jill rolled her eyes at her daughter and sighed, then with a stern looked raised an eyebrow, “You don’t know what you want my dear, so I’ll tell you what. I’ll go to the clinic this morning and make a surgical plan based on what we have available. You can go find Tabitha and Fifi and see if they’re available for another surgery this afternoon. Then you’ll get yourself ready and entrust everything else to me. How does that sound?”

Claire trembled a little and froze for a moment before finally being able to nod her head in agreement, “Ok Mom.”

Tabitha watched Claire walking towards the SUV and rushed to get herself presentable, it would never do to in such a state when the boss’s daughter was around! She managed to slip her white gloves on just in time for Claire to arrive at the window and she lowered it, smiling as she did.

“Miss Claire.” Tabitha said in a perfunctory manner with a slight nod.

“Hi Tabitha, I was wonder if… if you… if you could do a surgery with my mom this afternoon?”

“Yes Miss Claire. Tabi honoured work for Mrs. Mayer.”

“Good. Good. Thank you Tabitha.”

“No, thank you Miss Claire.”

Claire turned and walked away as Tabitha rolled up the window and watched her like a hawk until she was sure she wasn’t returning. Then, just as quickly as she had dressed herself, Tabitha pulled open her jacket and pulled off her gloves, sending her fingers down between her legs.

After a few moments when she was good and wet once more, Tabitha took a quick look around to ensure no one else was watching and then threw her leg over the centre console of the SUV so she straddled it. She hovered over the gear shift in the middle of it for just a moment before slipping slowly down onto it, moaning with each inch farther down she managed to go.

Jill looked down at her baby and smiled, Tabi and Fifi were still finishing up but everything had gone perfectly to plan. Jill had even managed to try several procedures she’d never done before, but just knew they would work out perfectly as well.

She had been a little concerned when Claire had agreed to Jill’s demand for total control over the procedures that the clinic wouldn’t have what she needed. When she’d gone through the storerooms for her own procedure she’d only been looking for specific things she needed at the time, but her daughter’s work was more… significant.

Jill smiled even more and then spoke, “You two can finish up and get her into recovery. I’m going to get cleaned up.”

“Oui madame,” Fifi said as she laid several sheets over Claire.

“Yes Mrs. Mayer” Tabi replied and bowed slightly towards Jill.

Claire flickered her eyes open to see her mom looking down at her and tried to smile.

“Everything is alright dear, the procedures went well.” her mom said as she held her hand and Claire tried to clear the cobwebs from her mind.

Claire had seen people come out of anesthetic many times, but it was strange experiencing it for herself.

Claire nodded and took a deep breath, “Would you like some water?” her mom asked.

Claire nodded no as best she could.

“Alright, why don’t you get some rest, Fifi stay here and keep a watch over you.” her mom said.

Claire just nodded as best she could again as she watched her mom walk out of the recovery room.

Chapter 8 – The Dreamer Awakes

Jill looked down at Tabi, a cruel smile across her lips as the girl held her hands behind her back and bowed her head in shame.

“Sorry Mrs. Mayer, Tabi no good. Tabi bad.”

Jill wasn’t in the mode for excuses, but she did get a rush lording over Tabi. Between the six-inch heels that Jill was wearing and her six inches of natural height difference over Tabi, the girl looked like a scolded child standing in front of her.

Without saying a word Jill unfolded her arms from her impressive tits and flicked the riding crop she was holding just under Tabi’s nose where she could easily see it.

Tabi gave out a little whimper before turning around, grabbing her black pleated skirt, bending over and hiking the skirt up over her hips.

“Tabi been bad. Mrs. Mayer punish Tabi. Punish Tabi good.” Tabi said, standing there bent over at the waist, showing Jill her round, firm ass. Jill’s smile softened just a little as she used the riding crop to trace circles around Tabi’s ass cheeks, one at a time, before raising it and letting it loose on the tender flesh of Tabi’s ass.

“Ow! Thank you Mrs. Mayer.”

The sequence repeated several more times; rub Tabi’s ass, smack Tabi’s ass, Tabi replying with a thank you.

Which resulted in two things happening; a growing sheen of pussy juice forming on Tabi’s outer lips, and Jill’s growing need to use the strap-on she was wearing under her dress.

Jill woke easily from the dream, a smile on her face, her fingers gently rubbing her clit as the memory of Tabi’s ass filled her mind.

“Please Mrs. Mayer… please… let me… let Tabi… let Tabi lick your pussy!” Tabitha cried out as she knelt at her boss’s feet begging.

Tabitha… no, she mentally corrected herself, Tabi, was a mess. Mrs. Mayer had been nothing but fair with her and Tabi had mistaken that for kindness, desire, perhaps even shared respect, but that had been wrong.

Tabi should have known better, Mrs. Mayer was a well-respected member of society, a well-known doctor, wealthy and sophisticated… Tabi… Tabi was none of those things.

Tabi was just a silly little girl that was playing at being something more than she was and Mrs. Mayer had just put her in her place. The word still reverberated through her…

“You are nothing but a slutty little tramp that isn’t worthy to lick my shoes let alone my pussy.”

She knew the words were true the moment they had come from Mrs. Mayer’s lips and now she was trying everything should could think of to prove otherwise.

“And why should I let you lick my pussy?” Mrs. Mayer said, staring down at Tabi with contempt.

“I… I…” Tabi started but it sounded wrong from the get-go.

She took in a deep breath and started again, “Tabi lick pussy good. Tabi show Mrs. Mayer. Tabi do whatever Mrs. Mayer want!”

The words instantly felt right, like she should have been saying them all along. The smile across Mrs. Mayer’s lips sent a chill over Tabi that only re-enforced how correct they were.

“Whatever I want?”

“Yes! Yes! Tabi do anything! Anything!”

Mrs. Mayer reached down and took hold of Tabi’s hair and pulled her tight against her bare pussy, Tabi almost went cross-eyed with joy at the scent of her nether regions. Tabi’s tongue darted out of her mouth and into the cool air of the SUV as she laid sprawled out on the back seat of it, her fingers buried deep inside of herself.

“Yes! Yes! Tabi good pussy licker! Tabi sucky fucky for Mrs. Mayer!” she cried out as her eyes fluttered open but she didn’t stop masturbating or speaking.

Moments later an orgasm crashed over her and her body went limp on the back seat of the SUV.

“Ma’ma have I done good?” Claire asked, her eyes wide and innocent as she looked over at Jill with her head tilted to the side just slightly.

Jill smiled back and reached out, placing her hand on Claire’s cheek before answering, “Why of course you have my dear girl. Just look at you, such a lovely young woman and so respectful to her mother.”

Claire blushed and bowed her head down slightly, “Thank you Ma’ma, I just want you to be happy, that’s all.” Claire replied in a southern drawl.

“Of course you do dear, and I want what’s best for you as well. Now, we’re going to be going on a little trip soon, visiting some… friends. Some friends that I want you to be especially nice to.” Jill said and moved beside her, threading her arm through her own before starting to walk them away from where they had been.

“Of course Ma’ma, I always like to meet your friends!” Claire replied as they walked.

“That’s good dear, now a few of these friends… well, they’re very special friends and I want you to make sure that they enjoy their time with you.”

Claire smiled and blushed even more, “Ma’ma, giggle, am I gonna get to suck their cocks?”

“Well of course my dear.” her mother replied and Claire squealed in joy.

“But that’s not all my dear, I want you to make sure that they get all of your attention, no matter what they want to do… understand?”

Claire nodded her head and smiled broadly, “Yes Ma’ma.”

“Very good, I know you won’t disappoint your mother.” Jill said and patted Claire’s hand a couple of times, sending a jolt of happiness through Claire’s entire body.

Claire blinked awake and smiled, she felt great! She looked over to see Fifi still sitting in the chair beside Claire’s bed and the nurse smiled at her.

“Good morning Fifi!” Claire beamed at the nurse.

“‘Morning miss.” Fifi replied and stood up, walking over to the bed.

Claire blinked several times as Fifi looked down at her before she realized that she was feeling great, far better than she should be in fact after just having surgery.

“Your Ma’ma, ze do very fine work!” Fifi said and before Claire could reply, reached down and gently ran her fingers across Claire’s lips.

Claire moaned and closed her eyes as Fifi worked her fingers back and forth several times. Before she realized what was happening, Claire wrapped her lips around Fifi’s fingers and began gently sucking on them.

Claire wasn’t sure how long she continued sucking them for, but eventually Fifi popped them out of Claire’s mouth and reached down and pulled the sheets down to her feet, revealing Claire’s naked body.

As soon as the air hit Claire’s nipples, they instantly hardened and she let out a gasp.

“And ow are zis?” Fifi asked as her hands settle on top of Claire’s tits and squeezed them, Claire’s entire body shivered from the pleasure that coursed through her body.

“And finally zis?” Fifi asked as she reached down between Claire’s legs and cupped her pussy.

Claire instinctively bucked her hips, “Oh god yes! Please! Please play with my pussy!”

Claire was just coming down from the pleasure when her mother walked into the recovery room.

“Who knew you were such a slut, my dear. Well I guess I did, didn’t I?” her mother said, as a statement and not a question.

Claire just let her head turn to the side and she smiled, “Hi Ma’ma!”

Claire’s mother rolled her eyes, “Hello dear, how are you feeling this morning?”

giggle Like, horny!”

“Well obviously…” her mother replied with a dry drawl and a shake of her head, “Now stand up so I can get a look at my work.”

Claire tried to sit upright, but failed the first time, and overshot the second, but eventually managed to get it right and swing her legs over the side of the bed and sit up. Claire was amazed at how hard it was to balance, but then again, when she finally had time to process the situation, she realized she shouldn’t have been.

“Uhm, like, Ma’ma, how big are my titties now? giggle” she asked with a slight southern drawl.

Her mother poked at Claire’s tits for a few moments and then nodded in satisfaction, “Well I had you install the 800cc silicone implants in me because those are the largest available legally in the US. But I should have looked harder as this clinic has several larger sizes from Europe, including the 1800cc units I put in you.”

“Oh my gawd! giggle That’s awesome!”

“I also removed two ribs, fitted you with an internal corset, installed lip implants, opened up your eyes a little and cut a few nerves in your forehead so you don’t have to worry about getting frown lines anymore.”

Claire giggled some more and then hugged her mother tightly, “Thank you Ma’ma! Thank you!”

Chapter 9 – Checkout

Jill watched Tabi walk towards the SUV from her room’s window once more as the morning light filled her room. She shook her head, it was high time she put an end to this foolishness.

She quickly put on her clothes, a loose-fitting top that hit her large breasts and a mid-thigh skirt before heading downstairs where Claire was sitting at the dining room table.

“Hiya Ma’ma! giggle” Claire called to her as Clarie’s tits jiggled in the too-tight white top that ended just beneath them.

Jill smiled at her daughter with a pang of disappointment but pushed it down, it wasn’t her fault that she was a dummy who had leaned on her looks to get by in life. But then again, who was Jill to throw stones?

Sure she’d graduated medical school and started a successful practice, but these days she was just a figurehead, someone to put in the ads to show what was possible. And Jill had taken full advantage of the best surgeons she had on staff over the years.

In fact, other than the extreme extent that Claire had gone, to prove she was “better” than her mother at something… anything, well the two of them could be mistaken for sisters. Especially after a trip to the spa’s salon yesterday where they both had their hair died platinum blonde and styled to match each other.

“Morning baby girl, mommy will be back in a bit. When your done breakfast, go to your room and get packed, we’re checking out today after all.”

“Awe… but I like it here!” Claire called as Jill walked out of the B&B and towards the SUV.

When she arrived she caught Tabi by surprise and the poor girl almost smashed the driver’s side window with her head, but managed to recover at the last moment. A stern look later, Jill opened the back seat door and stepped inside the SUV and sat down.

“Well young lady? What have you got to say for yourself?” she demanded

Tabi turned around in the driver’s seat with a panicked look in her eyes.

“Sorry Mrs. Mayer, Tabi sorry. You no fire Tabi. Tabi make it up.”

Jill frowned and shook her head, then pointed at the seat beside her, “Now.” was all she said and Tabi quickly jumped between the front seats to end up sitting beside Jill.

Jill half turned towards her, hiked one leg up onto the seat and then flipped her skirt up to reveal her naked pussy.

“If all you’re going to be good for is masturbation, then I might as well get some pleasure out of it!” Jill said and then pointed at her pussy.

Tabi didn’t hesitate and dove between her boss’s legs, her tongue eagerly lapping at the sweet nectar waiting there.

Jill watched Tabi wiggle her ass out of the B&B carrying one of the multiple suitcases Claire and she had brought along. Having a personal assistant/chauffeur/pussy licker was certainly one of the perks of being rich and influential.

Though she had to admit that it had almost been too easy, the poor thing had come to work at her clinic just out of medical school and had been so trusting and easy to corrupt that it was hardly a challenge. Undermining her confidence, demoting her farther and farther down the ladder, until she was eagerly accepting whatever position Jill was offering.

A moment later Tabi walked back into the B&B to retrieve another suitcase and Jill watched the small frame of the woman struggle with it for a moment before her eye wandered to Tabi’s chest. The poor girl had such small c cups, it hardly seemed enough to be bothered slapping with her belt in comparison to her ample ass that was more often the focus of it.

No matter though, when they returned to the clinic in a few days she’d have one of the surgeons correct the problem. Perhaps 4 or 5 hundred cc’s would be enough, not so much as to be larger than her own tits of course, but large enough to be of more interest.

Jill then heard her daughter coming down the stairs and turned to see her in a yellow sundress, with a plunging neckline that seemed to threaten to let her tits bounce free at any moment. It was also so short that there was no way she’d be able to bend over in it without flashing her pussy to the world.

Jill rolled her eyes at the thought, knowing full well that Claire wouldn’t have any panties on, her daughter was far too much of a slut for panties. But if she couldn’t change the fact that her daughter was a slut, she could at least use it to her advantage.

“Now then Mrs. Mayer, how was your stay?” Dave asked as he stood beside the dining room table that doubled as the check-in/out area.

“Oh very good Dave, everything I could have hoped for and more.” Jill replied.

“That’s fantastic to hear Mrs. Mayer. If you would just sign the guest register… here.” Dave said, pointing to the line that had her check-in information on it and a place for the checkout date and signature.

Jill nodded and set the pen down on the register after signing it, “Well, if there’s nothing else, we have to be going.”

“Of course. And if you’re ever back in the area, feel free to drop by.”

“Thank you, I will.” Jill said and then turned to Claire, “Come along young girl, time to go.”

“Yes Ma’ma.” Claire replied and followed along behind her.

Just as they reached the SUV, Tabi jumped out of the driver’s side door and opened the passenger door for them both to climb into.

It was only moments later when Tabi returned to the driver’s seat and the SUV pulled out of the B&B and faded out of sight down the road.

Chapter 10 – Epilogue

Dave watched as the SUV drove away, passing the approaching police car as it did. A moment later Officer Johnston’s car rolled up the driveway and came to a stop in front of the B&B.

Chuck stepped out of the car and smiled over to Dave, “What, no pick up this time?” he called, putting his hands in the air at his sides and shrugging his shoulders.

Dave just shook his head, “Nope, they just drove off on their own. But fuck if I’m not going to miss that sweet little piece of ass that was driving them away!”

Chuck let out a laugh, “Even in your advanced years?”

“Fuck you Chuck.” Dave grumbled and turned back towards the house.

“Hey, come on, it’s just a joke, at least you still have Fifi. I haven’t had Suzi for three months!”

“Yeah, thats the least you deserve! That and so much more you bastard.”

Chuck just shook his head and followed Dave up the stairs, “So did you at least learn anything new this time?”

Dave turned around and glared at him, “Yeah, apparently the house’s influence has grown to include at least three states over. Maybe more. Also, things are happening faster, those three only took a few days to change. Before it would have been weeks. At this rate it will only be a decade or two before… well.. whatever is going to happen, happens.”

“Well, that could be good, right?”

Dave glared at him, “Have you ever seen anything the house did that you could call good?”

Chuck winced a little and shook his head. Dave then turned and walked towards the basement door, keys in hand as they went to perform the ritual that they had dozens of times before, hoping this time for a release of some kind to come.

Jill’s SUV pulled up to the curb in front of Senator Dunnest’s offices and came to a halt.

“Here Mrs. Mayer.” Tabi said in her clipped voice as she opened her door and walked around to the passenger’s side and opened the door for Claire and Jill to egress from. Jill looked at the reasonably modest constituents’ office of the senator and shook her head, a man with so much power and no idea how to project it.

“Come along dear.” Jill said and her daughter dutifully followed a few steps behind her. They walked into the main lobby and up to the receptionist.

“Dr. Mayer to see Senator Dunnest.” she said with cold disregard of the woman sitting behind the desk.

The woman blinked a few times, staring at Jill and her daughters chests, and then spoke, “Oh, yes, of course… one moment please.” she said and shuffled around the papers in front of her.

A few moments later she looked up, “Uh, go right in Dr. Mayer.” and pointed towards the rear of the office. It wasn’t large and took little time for the two of them to walk through the empty offices due to the late hour and arrive at the senator’s door. With a quick rap on the door, she opened it without waiting for a response.

“Ah Dr. Mayer, please come in.” Senator Dunnest said as he stood up from behind his desk, his eyes devouring the sight of both Jill and her daughter. It was amazing to Jill that a man like this could ever command such power, but she knew how the system worked and so she took advantage of it whenever she could.

“Good afternoon Senator Dunnest, may I call you Roger?” Jill asked.

Rogers waddled his way around his desk and smiled, taking her proffered hand and giving it a peck, “Of course Dr., of course.”

“Good, you may call be Jill and this is my daughter Claire.” Jill said, wave in Claire’s direction.

Claire smiled broadly and giggled as Roger turned to her and took her hand as well, kissing it for longer and with more attention.

“A pleasure to meet such a fine southern beauty such as yourself Claire.”

giggle Why thank you Roger, I’m just all a flutter at meeting such a powerful man such as yourself.” Claire replied in a deeper southern drawl than Jill had ever heard her use before.

“I presume you know why we’re here Roger?” Jill asked as Roger returned to his seat behind his desk.

“I assume to persuade me to vote yes on the abortion rights bill that is coming up next week.”

Jill smiled a predatory grin, “Why, no, in fact, that’s not why I’m here at all. I’d be very appreciative if you would vote no on that particular bill.”

Roger blinked several times in confusion, “But I thought… I mean… Well this is certainly a surprise.”

“I’m sure it is, but that’s because you made assumptions about my position based on my gender, and that was a mistake. I can’t agree more with you and your fellow conservatives that we need a steady supply of young pregnant poor women to ensure the working class never gets too uppity. I mean, who else is going to do the grunt work if not the poor?” Jill said with a smile.

“Well Jill, I’m sure that some people think that way, but let me assure you that my opposition to the bill is in no way a statement about rich vs poor.” the senator said as he seemed to look around the room for something.

“Let me assure you Roger, there’s no one listening in on our conversation and no one is recording it. Let me prove it to you.” Jill said and then stood up, leaned in and whispered into Claire’s ear before walking over to the door and pausing just before she stepped outside.

“I’ll be at my hotel, if you wouldn’t mind ensuring that Claire has a ride back to it, I’d appreciate it.” she said and stepped out of the office just as she watched Claire stand up and walk around the desk and sink to her knees.