Casey had wrapped her breasts two hours ago in the plastic wrap. They had been small, maybe a b cup at most and the wrap was the latest in a long line of failed attempts to make them bigger.

She had ordered it online and she had been disappointed when it arrived, it looked just like normal food wrap!

In the end she had tried it anyway, there was nothing left to lose. 15 minutes later she had been surprised to see the change start and it continued for another 45 minutes. When it finished she didn’t want to remove the wrap but instead seemed to have an urge to go and do her makeup.

When she looked in the mirror she noticed her short brown hair had completely changed. Then as quickly as the though had entered her mind it vanished. Her hair was never brown, it had always been blond.

30 minutes later and there wasn’t much left of her mind, but she had expertly applied her makeup. She inspected the her work and decided it was acceptable. She posed in front of the mirror for a few more minutes, now the changes were complete and she caressed her body. Her pussy was on fire and her hands found their way to it moments later.

She returned to the bedroom, laid on the bed and started to masturbate. A while later, one hand squeezing her plastic covered tit, the other furiously working her clit, she came in an orgasmic supernova.

When Cici recovered, she giggled, pulled the tattered plastic from her body, rolled over to the night stand and retrieved the dildo inside.

“Like, that was totally fun! But I bet it will be, like, even better with this!”