Stacey had been walking around the park for an hour, just like she had been told to, now it was time to find her next target. She saw him on the lower level and made it half way down the stairs before making eye contact. She stopped in place and cocked her hip out to one side, leaded up against the railing and pushed her chest out posing for him.

He could clearly see her, her tight skirt made it obvious she wasn’t wearing panties and the strained top left nothing to the imagination about her breasts.

She had never seen him before but he matched the description John had provided. He was John’s boss, an older man, overweight and looked to never have been handsome. She was to provide him a fantasy day in the park, a picnic lunch, a make out session followed by a session of orgasmic sex.

Stacey didn’t understand why she was doing it. John had been a crappy boyfriend and she was sure she was going to dump him, but then, just as she was about to everything changed. She couldn’t say no to anything he said. He gave her the new workout schedule and she complied. He provided the new dress code and she agreed. He sent her to the plastic surgeon and she happily asked for the implants.

He reached the step she was on and placed his arm around her, grabbing her ass. She leaned in and parted her lips as she moaned. He kissed her, sending his tongue snaking down her throat and she eagerly returned the favour. The only thing she knew for sure about what was happening was that in another hour or so she’d be on her back, in the middle of the park, getting fucked and begging for it.

Her pussy was wet and all other thoughts had left her mind, the only one left was about the hard cock she could feel through his pants.