Miranda had been working on the hack for months, it would be the biggest score of her career if she managed to get in, she was sure of it. Nobody put this kind of protection on something if it wasn’t important, even if she didn’t know what it was.

The company was just a numbered corporation with fake directors and employees. Each time she managed to get through another level of security the headache she got from working on them instantly disappeared.

Now she was working on it all the time, she even started wearing the VR rig so keep at it when she eventually had to go out. At first it was for food and other essentials, but more recently it was for new clothes and boots. She found her old ones just weren’t comfortable now. Latex seemed to be the best now and so she had bought several outfits.

Tonight she had felt the urge to take a walk by the river as she worked, she didn’t even notice when she stopped and stood on the railing. Standing there working to the latest level of security she hardly noticed the car pull up with it’s lights shinning right at her.

A few minutes later she managed to break the last firewall and was in. Instead of a treasure, she found a sudden flood of data being downloaded to her. At one time she would have severed the connection and came back at the problem another way, but now she accepted all of it as it filled her vision.

When it completed, she jumped down from the railing and approached the man by the car, “Mandy 43655 at your service sir!”

He lifted the VR gear from her head and tossed it over the side of the bridge.

“Run command 43.” he said.

Mandy dropped to her knees, smiled broadly and giggled, “Yes sir!”, she fished his dick out of his pants and started to suck it. Minutes later, the taste of cum in her mouth sent an orgasm though her.

Mandy had found the big score she had been looking for, she was looking forward to getting the next one very soon.