Julie had been listening to the CD all day, it had been a gift from a friend. He said it was going to be the next big thing, relaxation and learning combined! After the first few times through she had become so relaxed she had to lay down.

After an hour she had risen from the bed without opening her eyes, she moved assuredly to the closet and changed in to a black dress she wore out clubbing. She returned to bed and continued to listen.

A few hours later she again got up, this time she went to the dresser and put on different jewelry. Then she proceeded to the bathroom and started applying her make up and doing her hair. Not like her day to day make up, heavy as if she was going out to get laid.

Returning to the bed she relax a while longer, listening to the lessons contained on the CD. She heard the doorbell ring and stood up. Still deeply relaxed, she pulled down her dress and hiked up the hem.

She walked downstairs and opened the door, her friend stood in the doorway. She was now ready to accept any lesson he decided to teach her.