The vacation had been going well for Sandra, she had been on the beach for 2 days, relaxing, tanning and drinking the fruity drinks. On the third day the bartender had made something special for her, it had tasted great and by the third one she was feeling good all over, especially her pussy.

It was humming a pretty tune to her and when the bartender suggested meeting around the back of the bar for an afternoon delight she giggled and nodded. She leaned up against he door, when he came around the corner she started to pull her swimsuit down. The song from her pussy echoed in her mind as she her need intensified.

She peeled the rest of her swimsuit off, standing naked before him except the high heeled shoes, she fished his dick out of his loose pants as he grabbed her breasts, moments later she was facing the door, her legs spread and his dick entering her pussy.

Each stroke brought her closer to ecstasy, pushing from her mind any thoughts she had of her old life. They were replaced with new simple thoughts, sex, pleasure, obedience. When he came in her, she returned the favour and came hard herself, the pleasure bubbling up through her head taking away the last bits of her old life.