When John had suggest reliving their high school senior year by taking a ride in the new convertible up to make out point. They even brought the old camera they had used all those years ago.

They had arrived late and were the only ones there, the full moon was high in the night sky. They started getting hot and heavy and Diane was really getting in to it when suddenly John stopped and pulled back.

“Did you hear that?”

“No, I didn’t hear anything…”

“I’m going to check it out.”

He left her alone, half naked in the car. A few minutes passed and Diane suddenly started to feel horny again, she called out to John but he didn’t reply. She leaned back and started to masturbate, not noticing the fog rolling over the sides of the car. It touched every part of her body pushing her need even more.

It was so pleasurable she didn’t even notice her body change, the years drop off, the weight move around and her hair change. Her orgasm took her by surprise and washed over her mind like a title wave, taking out all of the old thoughts of home, work and responsibility and leaving behind only the burning desire she felt.

She grabbed the camera as the fog rolled out again, John still no where to be found, she took a photo before getting dressed and driving away.