Angela couldn’t believe how well the spa weekend had worked out. Sure she hadn’t intended on getting such an extreme makeover but now that it was complete and she was lounging in bed she was so happy!

All of her stress had vanished and she was feeling hornier than she had in years. When the knock came at the door she jumped out of bed and giggled slightly. Opening the door revealed Dr. Grant, he was an older gentleman but he had been very helpful in explaining to her how to enjoy her stay at the spa. She was only wearing her lingerie, but it didn’t occur to her to cover up, instead she pushed her breasts out so he could see them better.

“Just checking in on you Angie, everything going well?”

She replied by leaning in and placing a deep kiss on his lips and dragging him inside her room. She was soon deep in the throes of passion, removing the little that covered her body.

Soon after he was in her she started to lose herself, the powerful pleasure taking her somewhere she had never been. When she returned she had left all thoughts of her old life behind, she was now a part of the spa staff, eager to give pleasure to it’s clients.