“Really? You like my hair? Thanks!”

Cindy had been left alone for only a few minutes, her owner had some business of something to take care of in the back of the club and he had told her to wait. The problem was she was always horny and she could no longer really tell the men apart as long as they could fill her with cum.

The one in front of her right now seemed to fit the bill, she could smell his scent and it filled her nostrils, sending a wave of pleasure through her. He grabbed her hand and lead her to a dark corner of the club, she pushed up against him, pulling in a deep whiff of him. She dropped to her knees, her hands struggling to work the zipper in her latex gloves.

Before she could work it, a hand touched her head from behind, she turned to see him. Her mind focused again as she looked up in to her owners face.

“Like sorry master, I just can’t help it!”

“I know Cindy, I know, it’s ok, don’t disappoint the poor man.”

She squealed and resumed her work, she was the luckiest bimbo around having such a great owner.