Flag Bearer had been hunting Dr. Taylor for weeks when she finally caught up to him. She wasn’t in the same class as Lady Justice or Miss United, her powers were far more modest. Her biggest asset was her stealth and small frame.

She crept up behind him while he was working on his computer in his study, a quick knock out blow would be all it would take and she’d finally put an end to his reign of evil!

She raised her hand to deliver the blow when something grabbed her arm. She looked up to see Miss United floating above her, her skimpy bikini hiding nothing.

“Like, that’s not very nice Flaggie, you shouldn’t hit someone from behind you know!”

United’s blow landed squarely on her face and she lost consciousness immediately.

When she woke up she found herself strapped down to a table and a programming helmet fixed to her head. She started to struggle but as she was conscious again the programming started. Her struggles subsided as the helmet invaded every part of her mind.

The doctor stood above her, talking to himself, “Well I’m kind of disappointed really, a second rate hero. I thought for sure they would have sent an A lister by now. Well I guess I’ll have to make due. I’ve been looking to expand in to the web cam scene, with a few upgrades I’m sure you’ll do alright. Now where did I leave that Hydro Silicone Injector I used last week…”

FB turned on the web cam when she received the stream request from a fan. The doctor had perhaps overdone it with his HSI but the fans seemed to like her big tits and loved the new uniform the doctor had made for her.

“Like hi baby! Are you ready for me to bare my flag to you? *giggle*” she said as she swung her massive tits from side to side.

“I am such a fan of your Flag Bearer, I just can’t believe you accepted my friend request!”

“Baby, I’m friends with everybody! And my friends call me Fuck Bunny or FB or well like totally anything you want!”