“See honey, I told you you couldn’t drive…”

“But, like I’m totally sure I used to drive!”

“I know Jackie, but remember you were on Bimbo or Billionaire and you lost? Now I’m afraid the only stick you can handle is a good hard dick.”

Jackie’s pussy moistened at the thought of a good hard dick entering her pussy. When the audience had awarded her “Horny Sexy Hearing” she had know it would happen any time someone talked about sex around her.

She turned her head to her boyfriend, pushed out her chest, “Like you have a dick, can I handle it for you?”

She turned her legs out the door and he approached, she grabbed hold of his dick after getting his pants down around his ankles and started stroking. He pulled her top up started playing with her tits, she moan as her new body provided pleasure she had never dreamed of before.

After a few minutes he pushed her down on to the seat, opened her shorts and pulled them off in one motion. He entered her pussy and her moans changed to pants and mews as he stroked back and forth. Soon she started to call out in ecstasy as her body raced far ahead of her mind and started to orgasm even before he had come.

“Never Finish First” kicked in and didn’t let her orgasm end until after he had come as well, it lasted for minutes as he continued to fuck her on the truck’s seat. When he finally came the orgasm exploded in her mind and her body collapsed.

“*giggle* I so like total love being in the drivers seat!”