Night Vixen had found Dr. Taylor quickly enough, his growing harem of ex heroes need a lot of space to house. Tonight she knew Lady Justice and Miss United were out on location doing their latest porn shoot, which only left Flag Bearer on site. Her own super strength could handle her easily enough.

She entered the house, bursting through the front door. It was dark inside but her enhanced night vision let her see clearly, she look around the front hallway but didn’t see any movement. She searched the entire first and second floor but found nothing.

“Who would have guessed it, a basement lab…” she said sarcastically and found the door leading down stairs. She arrived at a hallway with two doors on each side and one at the very end, it was pitch black but should could still see with ease.

She looked in each room as she walked towards the end of the hall, finding mostly storage areas with the exception of FB’s web cam room. She arrived at the final door and decided to make an entrance, she took a slight run at it and pushed straight through it with her arms crossed in front of her. The splinters of the door clattered against the floor and she looked up.

The bright flash of light took her by surprise, her vision having no time to adjust she was blinded by it. She swung out a right hook, making contact with nothing but throwing her off balance. As she fell to the ground, her chin made contact with the knee of Flag Bearer, twisting her head around and rendering her unconscious.

When she awoke she was strapped down to the same table she though the other must have found themselves strapped to. She couldn’t see anything due to the programming helmet on her head but she instinctively tried to rise from her prone position. The straps however were made of super strong nobreakanite and resisted her.

The helmet, detecting her waking state started it’s work and shortly after her struggles stopped. The last thing she heard was FB.

“So, like I caught her, can I totally keep her Doc?”

Naughty Fox was just about to start her latest show, she was on her fabulous fur rug, her tits were out for everyone to see and her new costume was so much better than her old one, even if it did look kind of similar.

Fuck Bunny was holding the camera and Naughty Fox’s nipple hardened almost instantly when the recording light came on, she loved being watched, the only thing better was being watched AND taped.

She lifted a leg up and put it down on the other side, revealing her naked pussy to the camera. Bunny moved in and started to lick her pussy, Fox moaned as the pleasure worked its way up her spine.

Through the moans she said, “I know the fox is supposed to eat the bunny, but god… don’t stop! You can eat this fox anytime!”